CFL Grey Cup getting outstanding attention in Toronto

The reality is nobody cares about TFC which reportedly averaged 38,000 viewers across Canada with published national ratings as low as 14,000. That might impress the cabbage-patch boys but the MLS has no impact on the CFL whatsoever. A national survey released yesterday showed the CFL as the No. 2 sports property in Canada after NHL...the MLS wasn't even on the map.

Xvys - you are right - all year long TFC's ratings sucked which is why it is kind of exciting to see them being noticed by the masses for the first time. It's an exciting breakthrough for them and keep in mind IN TORONTO - they were still easily able to outdraw the Argos for bums in seats. Now this week - almost 100,000 people in Montreal and Toronto will attend Impact and TFC games and millions of Canadians will watch at least a part of those games.

Not bad for two teams that did not even exist less than ten years ago and have none of that tradition or lifelong fans to draw on like CFL teams do. I've been a CFL fan for over 50 years. 5 years ago I had never heard of the Impact and yet I was in awe of the atmosphere at the Big O watching that game the other night. Reminded me of the Riders crowd at the Regina Grey Cup against my Cats. It's an exciting time for soccer fans in Canada - just like I'm sure it is exciting for Redblacks fans and Stamps fans heading to the Grey Cup.

I'm looking forward to both games at BMO in the next week and will watch both. But because my Cats are not in the Cup - it is the soccer game that has me excited. And that's not meant to be critical of the CFL or Grey Cup at all - that is just an admission that the first time off the charts excitement that seems to be surrounding the soccer playoffs right now is kind of cool.

OK - I don't know what you don't understand about the words - "here is what was on the cover of the sports section?"

For those across the country wanting to get a sense of this 'outstanding attention' in Toronto - let me tell you what has been on the front of actual hardcopies of The Toronto Sun and Sun sports sections Wednesday and today.

The front cover of the paper Wednesday - A picture of Mayor Tory 'Shame the Cheats' - about catching people who do not pay their transit fares with a picture in the bottom right of the TFC game in Montreal with the headline 'TFC running neck and neck'. Nothing about the Grey Cup on the cover of the paper Wednesday.

The front cover this morning - the main picture and headline about sick days being used by City workers with a smaller picture of the Leafs-Devils and a smaller headline 'Leafs Bedevilled Shootout'. Again sadly still - no mention of the Cup.

As for the sport sections - here the cover Wednesday

The Grey Cup made the cover in that little red insert next to the soccer ball. There is a full page Grey Cup ad on page 6 of the spots section and then finally some Grey Cup stories starting on Page 16 of the sports section after Leafs, NHL, TFC/Impact, NFL, NBA, International soccer - and then finally the Cup. That was Wednesday's 'outstanding attention'.

Today - real progress with the Grey Cup getting half the sports cover sharing it with the Leafs :slight_smile:

BUT - clearly that refers people to a lot of online coverage. In terms of actual content in the sports section of the paper itself - pages 2-7 Leafs and hockey, then a story on a cricket player, then 2 pages of NBA and Raps, then two pages on TFC - Impact, then a page on a UFC feature and then finally on Page 15 a story 'For a fallen friend' talking about the Stamps players being inspired by their murdered teammate followed by two more pages of game coverage.

So far - the 'outstanding attention' has been pretty lame unfortunately.

So Pat, how long do you think it'll take before someone accuses you of faking those newspapers as part of a grand conspiracy against the CFL, and then going off and talking about how things are in their own private fantasy world?

I give it two hours. :lol:

Holy cow pat , this guy has you all wound up , ignore the fool , lighten up , head into Toronto and have some fun , go to the parties , kick up your heels. Dial down your passion for TFC/CFL attendance and TV ratings for a day or two. Call your friends that u go to the games with, get on that GO train live it up !
I see the U Can Play party put on by the league is sold out , you going to that ??

Best way to compare what actual fan interest for tickets is to use current listing on Stub Hub. People are paying more money right now for tickets for the Grey Cup rather than the MLS playoff game (in their home stadium too).

Front page of i didn't say the front page of the print newspaper. are you serious? lol do they send out papers at 11pm at night? wake up.

And btw they put out 4 different copies of sun sports.

That is meaningless, it lists the price as to what people are trying to sell their tickets for, not how many are selling or what they sold for.
A better indication of interest and demand is to look at the ticketmaster. The only sections with tickets left for the tfc game is a few rows in the temp stands. Still tickets available for the Grey Cup.
But you are trying to compare apples and oranges - there is a lot of interest in TFC in Toronto, there isn't a lot of interest in Toronto for Calgary and Ottawa playing in a Grey Cup.

slimjim. when a broker advertises they have over 1,500 tickets available. hmmmmmm that sounds odd.

As both a Redblacks and Fury season ticket holder, some of this football vs soccer stuff is just ridiculous.

Yes that's why I wouldn't buy on stub hub, lots of people trying to make money. A lot of scalpers bought GC tickets at the beginning of the year thinking it would be a sell out, now at the last minute they are trying to unload them.

If there are zero tickets left on ticketmaster for the TFC game then some people will buy on stub hub.
If you want legit Grey Cup tickets go on to ticketmaster, but you could take take the risk and buy from stub hub because it looks like a lot of cheap Grey Cup tickets.
Lots of Grey Cup tickets available on kijiji and Craigslist too.

According to The Star. TFC is using a tactic to unload tickets to ticket brokers which is similar to concert goers in Toronto

Nope - some friends are going though. Glad to see them do it - and glad to see it has been a success.

This weekend is all about events related to my niece's wedding on Saturday for my family. So that's Friday night get together, the wedding and reception Saturday and family brunch Sunday. Home in time to watch the game Sunday. :slight_smile:

As for the discrediting of Access's 'outstanding attention' fiction - that was just a fun little exercise over coffee this morning - since I was flipping through those papers anyways. lol

Can't help it. I guess it must be in my nature to call out lies - not just ignore them.

Hopefully coverage picks up. I just over my lunch hour here scrolled through the 'Top Stories' featured on the home page of the Toronto Star website - About 60 'Top Stories' including news, business, lifestyle, sports etc. (7 of them in the Sports area of the home page) - and sadly not one of them is Grey Cup related right now.

That simply would not be happening in the most read newspaper's website - 3 days before the Grey Cup game were it any other city hosting. But that is what the CFL is facing in TO right now.

Travel. Can you again prove me wrong? cant wait. MLS has had zero media following and Toronto Sun had the Grey Cup and Maple Leafs as top story after the TFC game.

And if you argue that then well you must be what others say you are.

Lol, I posted the front page of Wednesdays Toronto Sun on the last page. TFC on the cover, no mention of the Leafs or Grey Cup.

found this beauty from the sportsnet website, written by Justin Dunk.

and i say beauty because he clearly checked his sources and he knows football, on top of which, it fully illustrates to the casual fan the very real grievances that Argonauts fans already have against coaching and management.
many have decried it on twitter as being CFL bashing, but i think it's quite the opposite. just a clear analysis of what went wrong for the Argos, nothing more, nothing less.

[url=] ... ts-season/[/url]

Again? It was already done. Go back and read it five more times, then get back to us when you can prove absolutely anything you say.

LOL it is not meaningless... Stub Hub operates based on Market Price. Are you assuming that no one is purchasing tickets?

Tickemaster is the exact opposite place to look for using supply and demand. $699 tickets, and $599 obstructed views will have almost zero demand. Is there a chart for the MLS game that shows pricing?

On Stub Hub, there are 995 Tickets available for The MLS game, and 885 available for the Grey Cup. Almost identical. So, supply is the exact same on StubHub for the two games, but the market price is higher for the Grey Cup. That is how supply and demand works....

Here are some numbers from earlier in the week:

As of Tuesday, about 14% of Grey Cup game tickets sold on StubHub were purchased by Calgarians, compared to nearly 65% acquired by Ottawa purchasers, said company spokesman Cameron Papp

As if part of an increasingly keen rivalry, Calgarians have been the second-hottest market for the ticket seller this season, said Papp.

“The Stampeders have a hold on the West,? he said. “And this match-up is a pretty good one in terms of demand.?

StubHub’s Grey Cup ticket sales are 55% above last year’s pace, said Papp.

So far, the highest price paid for a ticket to this year’s game at BMO Field is $2,500 US for prime field level space, bought by someone in Mississauga, Ont. who purchased two at that price, he said.

No difference than Super Bowl. Majority of ppl in the home town do not buy tickets cause they cant or dont want to.

same thing for GC. In Toronto with the economy struggling its a disaster. This is why calgary and emonton are not going to host a game anytime soon.

downtown calgary is falling apart. there are empty buildings now. its terrible.

toronto has 25% vacacny in all all their downtown buildings. lease payments have taken a 200% drop from 2 yrs ago. that is horrible.

its why many of the Toronto companies in real estate are starting to build in Regina, Kelowna, Winnipeg, and Quebec City. Cause of how strong their economy is doing.

I'm sure none of you were fooled by Access's usual fiction and nonsense - but just in case you were not aware of the booming situation in downtown Toronto right now elsewhere in the country......

[url=] ... eport.html[/url]
[b]Toronto’s office vacancy rate lowest in North America: Report[/b] New commercial spaces are being absorbed as companies look to move downtown.

Downtown Toronto has the lowest office vacancy rate in North America, dropping to 4.9 per cent in the second quarter of the year from 5.3 per cent in the first quarter, according to a report by commercial real estate firm CBRE.

The continuation of a three-year decline in vacancies means Toronto is outperforming markets like Midtown Manhattan and San Francisco, traditionally the most solid markets in the U.S., said Paul Morassutti, executive managing director on Tuesday.

The downtown Toronto vacancy rate was 6.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2014.

The drop is "really a combination of reasonably good economic growth in Toronto, good demand and discipline in the market,? he said. “While we are adding new buildings and new supply, we're certainly not doing it willy-nilly."

Despite a building boom that has added about 4.4. million sq. ft. of office space to the core in the last three years, the new and the older spaces are being absorbed, said Morassutti.

Longtime downtown companies are moving to the new buildings, opening up space in good, but somewhat older towers in the financial district. That, in turn, is attracting businesses that have been looking for an opportunity to move into the core.