CFL Grey Cup getting outstanding attention in Toronto

All the talk that Toronto isn't buying tickets is misunderstanding. People in Toronto including companies do not have the cash flow to pump into major events often as many think.

The media? Its all Grey Cup and Maple Leafs talk here. MLS TFC soccer team are playing in a playoff game and are getting no attention at all. Front pages of sports and news broadcasts are all local news and Grey Cup. Opening up the sports segment and its Grey Cup and Maple Leafs.

Grey Cup is in town and the media has packed media row and all Toronto media including national media based in Toronto are in Toronto for the Grey Cup.

Its been a fantastic start for the Grey Cup week.

Hmm. So the first three full pages of The Toronto Sun sports section this morning including the cover - being all about the TFC - Impact game including a headline of 'Rug Burn' referring to the turf at the Big O' on the cover of the section - with a Page 4-5 story 'Sinking Ship!' about the struggles of the Argos - before finally getting to the Grey Cup on page 6 of the sports section is 'outstanding attention'?

Interesting interpretation Access.

The same thing happens EVERY year. Early in the week, everything is negative. As the week progresses, the stories become more and more positive and come Saturday, everything will be peaches and cream.

Not sure what paper you read but it wasn't from Toronto. Front pages all Maple Leafs and Grey Cup. Top story on CTV and CBC news today is Grey Cup and nothing about TFC or Raptors. NOTHING!

Media doesn't care about soccer or basketball. Only if nothing else is happening. And the Grey Cup clearly has taken over

Toronto Sun main news topic is Maple Leafs. Then Las Vegas NHL team. Then 4 items on Grey Cup. And this is after
TFC played their big playoff game. oooh then another Leaf story.

Not 1 mention of TFC.

So TravelPart better check your info again and show some respect instead of disrespecting. lol

Access, there’s no reason to lie about what’s in the newspaper.

Here’s the online Toronto Sun, as of 9:15 am, and a copy of the print edition front page.

OK Access - so you claim yesterday's paper called the Toronto Sun is 'not from Toronto'? :roll:

Last I checked yesterday's Toronto Sun sports section still has soccer on its cover and first three pages. Don't believe me? Here a picture of the cover of yesterday's sports section. No mention of the Grey Cup, mostly soccer with a little Leafs and the Argos 'Taking on water'. :roll:

Look I'm sure Grey Cup coverage will ramp up as the week goes on - as it always does - especially with features on Bell Media stations - and once the teams arrive in TO. But through this morning at least - the reality is that it has still been taking a bit of a back seat on the sports pages because of TFC.

Come Sunday I'm sure BMO will be close to being full - but the reality is the hottest ticket in TO right now for a game at BMO is for next Wednesday's soccer game - not the Grey Cup.

It is what it is. No big deal.

As the actual game is not until Sunday, and teams have just arrived into town, plus the Argos are not in it, I am not surprised that a TFC playoff game is getting front page treatment.
Its not like they have had much success before and even though the MLS is far from a top league in the world, they are the top league in the US, so Canadian media will treat it as a Major league event.

This is why I keep asking Access_Media which province/city he's from since he keeps posting blatantly dishonest information. If he won't give us some idea of who we're dealing with, to redeem himself, he should just be banned.


TravelPat that was Tuesdays paper in the morning.

as I clearly stated the front page of Toronto Sun was the Grey Cup and Maple Leafs after the game. Not until Wednesday morning did they change it for approx 1 hour.

And that is not even the front page of the Toronto Sun as you can see the Argonauts on top. It is the sports edition.

Wednesdays paper has TFC on the front page. I just posted it.

Laval vs Calgary - Vanier Championship CIS

Just put him on ignore

You guys do realize that papers print different editions on the same day for different regions, right?

The people posting the snapshots of the paper are from the GTA, where on the other hand is Access_Media from?

Have to laugh. I post on Tuesday what is on the front three pages of the sports section of the Tuesday Toronto Sun. Later on Tuesday evening Access basically calls me a liar saying

Not sure what paper you read but it wasn't from Toronto. Front pages all Maple Leafs and Grey Cup. Top story on CTV and CBC news today is Grey Cup and nothing about TFC or Raptors. NOTHING!
So the next morning I post a picture of the paper I was talking about the day before - i.e. [b]Tuesday[/b] to prove what I was saying on [b]Tuesday[/b] was true.

And Access comes back with - "That's not Wednesday's paper"

Well I certainly hope not since we started talking about it on Tuesday - and on Tuesday it is kind of tough to describe what is in Wednesday's paper. lol

Poor boy - can't even keep track of what day he's creating his fiction on.

Pat , why do you give this guy the time of day , just ignore him , he’s bungle reinvented !

Because a surprising number of people on this site are tolerant of him, his nonsense is nauseating and make all CFL fans look stupid. The blatant trolling gives me a headache and distracts from otherwise more informative posts. How will new forumers react to posts like that? It'll make them disbelieve other informed posts because they'll assume more of us are dishonest as well.

TFC was not on the front page. And you never provided any pictures saying so. That was the sports edition before the game.

i was referring to after the game. I was talking about the newspaper media portal which had ZERO mention of it after the game. ZERO.

It has been all Grey Cup and Maple Leafs.