CFL Grey Cup Commercial

The CFL did a fantastic job I thought in the lead up to the Grey Cup on Grey Cup Day (failed in advertising substantially in advance, but that is neither here nor there). Anyways, the game day stuff was amazing. There was one segment that was approx 2 minutes long that featured both the Redblacks and Stampeders and their journeys to the Grey Cup and it had the most intense music playing. The song was "I Ran (So Far Away) by Hidden Citizens", look it up, way better than the original and I don't say that often.

My reason for bringing it up is because I wanted to know if anyone remembered it or knows how to find it, it was epic and I want to watch it again. I think it aired 2-3 hours before game time on TSN.

Anyways, it's stuff like that that should be advertised consistently for the Grey Cup through the second half of the season, and then things just as intense weekly for the "Game of the Week".

Here's the link to the song...