CFL Grey Cup Challenge

I had thought of the latter one previously. I think that is good otherwise there could be an unfair advantage on the score picking.

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But if the 2 members have identical stats does that mean you need a coin toss to determine who has the choice to pick heads or tails for the official coin toss?

The quoted post below is good porkypine.

I feel we shall go with the latter idea that Cflukb69 stated. Could you post what the latter one previously was?

The rules were quite clear. Total points is all that matters.
I thought the game was well refereed. Congrats to them also.

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The idea as I understood it is that the last two left PM you their prediction and score and then you post them when you have them both. That would prevent any advantage for the second person who would already know the score the first person picked. It didn’t matter this year but could in the future.

The second person could in theory just pick a score one higher or lower which is not really in the spirit of guessing the score independently. If the first person thought it would be low scoring and picked 32, for example, the second person, who say would have picked 48, could just pick 33 and win automatically on any score over 32 (assuming they both picked the same team to win like this year).


Yet another reason to decide this thing via mortal combat.


"Tis but a scratch!"


I can endure a “flesh wound” or two.


For next season - The remaining two handles who advance to CFL GCC Championship Game will pm me their scores, then I shall post both scores in the Grey Cup final game thread.

Cheers Abbey


Hopefully you wrote that down :rofl: I'd probably forget otherwise.

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