CFL Great Lovell Coleman passes away

Just announced during game, Lovell Coleman the great stampeder passed away in Kelowna.

Tell you my Lovell story - although nothing was better than watching this guy romp thru the line of scrimmage like a hot knife thru butter. I was just a kid during Lovell’s halcyon days but the guy was a bugger for all CFL teams - not just my bombers.

Anyways, fast forward almost 30 years to early 90s. I was out in Surrey, BC being best man at my buddy’s wedding. He had purchased a nice house and was having renovations done. Big bugger doing the renovations was making a bit o noise so John (my buddy) introduces me - “Say hello to Lovell!”… and that is how I met CFL hall of famer Lovell Coleman. He was doing home improvements in Vancouver!

RIP - Mr. Coleman - you were one of the great ones…

Also had a visit today from a couple of Ernie Pitts grandchildren.