CFL governors strike again

With the same teeth used to clamp down on the salary cap:

“That review is now complete and it has been determined that the trade announced today was not part of any future considerations arrangement from the Oct. 5th transaction between the two clubs, and that both Edmonton and Hamilton have complied with league policies pertaining to player transfers.”

LOL :lol:

The trade was Maas for Davis all along. Edmonton just ‘borrowed’ Mass for playoffs, as Hamilton had no use for him until next year. Everybody knows that. It is embarassing, to say I am a CFL fan, when this stuff goes down.

I don’t really know what sort of rule would be needed to prent this… oh, wait ‘common sense’ would work.

The CFL governors is just an excuse to get together and discuss their stock options.



You have no written proof of that snowsquirrel. And all trades in any sport could have been done with "conversations prior to" and have evolved over years of negotiating between teams. I personally think that unwritten "future considerations" goes on much more in all leagues than we could imagine. And some of these "future considerations" could be under the table money also.

no writen proof, but using comon sense lead to think the deal was done the 5th of october. The info about the trade came out way too early. Anyway, i have no prob with that. As long all teams can book that kind of deal.

"Common sense" doesn't cut it with me U&N just like in a court of law it wouldn't count as proof. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you but again, just no proof. So as far as I'm concerned with the league statement, this is all a dead issue. Time to move on.

I would kinda think common sense would say there was a deal..........considering every body was talking about as soon as the first trade was announced.............the only thing is.............what would have happen if Maas had his leg ripped off................what would have happen to Hamilton then...............seems very kind of the Tigger-cats to take that kinda risk

Ya know even if both Ham and Edm comes out and says it was planned form the start, so what? a trade is a trade and if both parties agree then who can complain.
As stated before" what kind of a rule could prevent this" states that if the is no rule against it then they was nothing wrong with doing it.

All you guys that call everything you don't agree with "embarrassing" need to get a grip. That or get out of the house more.

It happens all of the time in all sports. Make one trade and with Future Considerations dealing with part two. For example, Edmonton says if Davis accomplishes "X" number of yards with us for the balance of the year or if he helps us to win the Grey Cup(wow what a concept) then you Hamilton will get "y", that being whatever draft choice and or player from a list of the following players. Or, you throw in a few players Hamilton and we will give you what you want , Jason Maas. To me its no big deal.

How many times hhave your heard player x was traded for player y AND A PLAYER TO BE NAMED LATER
Happens all the time.

I agree the best kept secret of Hueys was out two days later.