CFL governors pushing Wright to force Gliebermans out

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Well, this confirms that the Gliebermans are being seen as an embarrassment.

I'm afraid it confirms nothing. They are merely rumours, and more often than not in the print business, writers are looking to write a good story rather than searching for the truth. Sekeras is a good example of this. Tom Wright should really stay out of this, since that's what he is good at anyway. Staying out of things. He was the one that didn't help Ottawa find owners after the 2004 season, a responsibility that falls on him... He decided to go on vacation and he failed in that regard, and it may be his undoing as a commissioner. Back to the matter at hand though, I don't see how anyone can be upset with the Gliebermans, since they've only been owners for less than 6 months. We'll see how things go next year......

Well, you go on believing that because this does confirm that the Glieberaman's are being seen as an embarrassment. The Glieberman's have been the owner here for 6 months, this time, they've been owner's in the CFL longer than that.

The poll certainly wasn't a rumour, 2/3 of CFL journalists are suggesting that poor ownership is going to run Ottawa out of the CFL.

I'm with SmythCam on this one....."2/3 CFL journalists". Who are they? How much time have they spent here in Ottawa? What do they know about how Lonie is running the team apart from what the read in the Ottawa papers and see on TSN?

They've been the owners for 6 freaking months. Give them at least ONE off-season to see what they can do!!

As for these governors pushing for these changes - they are likely the same dinosaurs as always who think they run the league. They like things their way and dont like anything that is a little out of the ordinary.

And CFL fans criticize Ottawa fans for not supporting their team...

No other team in the league has to deal with this kind of crap.

There are 2 things I must say.

  1. I blame the CFL for the consistent problems of ownership in Ottawa. They like to criticize the ownership but refuse to get their hands dirty. For god's sake it's the Gleiberman's team let them run it.

  2. This rumor is a perfect example of the bullcrap that Ottawa fans have to deal with.... And then when there's only 16k fans in FCS it's Ottawa's fault for not supporting it's team....

Hey we support our team... through think and thin... It's just that we are awefully tired of dealing with off field crap like this...

In this case it's not the fans fault. It's not even Ottawa's owenership's fault. IT's the league and the rest of the teams fault.

Shame on you CFL.

AMEN to that , MM, AMEN !!! :!:

Good call MM... you're bang on..... let's remember who published the story too... Sekeras from the Citizen.... He's wrong about everything.... The guy is looking for a story that makes national headlines, so he'll write anything.

We already know what the Glieberman's can do, they've already been here in the CFL with the Riders and the Pirates. This is not a brand new owner who doesn't have a reputation of ruining CFL teams.