CFL governors get 'Gades update

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The CFL board of governors will get an update on the future of the Ottawa Renegades' situation today. Apparently there are some interested parties analyzing the franchise, which is in the process of being turned over to the CFL in an orderly manner from Bernie Glieberman and minority partner Bill Smith, who have owned the team for only a year.

With training camp only two months away, a decision will have to be made fairly quickly, and the odds are not in favour of Ottawa fielding a team this year, if only because a there is not a lot of time, one analyst speculated.

If the franchise is shut down, a new schedule will have to be drawn up for eight teams, a dispersal draft of the existing Ottawa players will need to be done and anyone with a season ticket (about 2,000 have been sold) will have to be reimbursed.

There is also the matter of existing contracts of the coaching staff should the team fold.

hopfully it no as bad as it seems.

if I was a owner intrerested in the gades, I would wait untill they were spended and then buy them and activate them next season (with new colors, logo, unifroms, etc) and start from the beginning. but that's just me.