CFL going to 4 downs - McMahon special news report!

Yes, rumour has it that McMahon is a complete _________ (fill in the blanks).

Edited because I will never learn!

I actually heard that they were seriously concidering it. It seems the defences have figured out the 3 down game.

Someone better tell that to the Ti-Cats, Argos, Riders, Stamps, Als, Lions and Bombers. They all fell by the wayside because they didnt fully figure out how to stop an offence. Teams that figured it out somewhat made the playoffs. Teams that did not watched the playoffs on TV. It will be the same this year as well. There is no real clear-cut favourite to win the Cup this year either. The offensive stats are down because there is more parity in the league this year, rather than defences figuring out the 3 down game. Defences will make mistakes, it is the human element of the game. Those that make the least amount of miscues will be the ones to advance farther than the others.

It would be ridiculus to change to 4 down football. It just slows down the game and makes the game like the boring NFL. I like the CFL the way it is.

keep it at three, that's want the game's famous for, and I'd rather the teams have posistion more like in other sports. besides football.

you also have less, not more, blow outs with 3 downs cuz the dominate team's O doesn't hog the ball, like in the NFL (ex: taking a knee when a minute for more to go)

Four down football? Who would ever dream of playing football with 4 downs? Dumbest thing I've heard since the suggestion of 100 yard fields.

I don't even waste my time watching the NFL. Our game isn't perfect but I've enjoyed being apart of it since the age of 8! I even have a dish at the Cottage so I can watch as many games as possible. Three Downs is fine by me!