CFL going into holiday season!


Earlier in the season lots of people on here jumped on the band wagon for change to push the season later in the year into December.

All of the vocal posters left here and won't return until June?

I don't remember anyone pushing for a late december Grey cup. In fact the debate regarding schedule is for an early Grey Cup.


I agree, and I call BS on that claim too. Somebody is swimming in their own school of fish on that one.

One bygone debate for an earlier season in that bygone torched alliance with the XFL 3.0.

The rest of the debate after that XFL matter was belatedly burned to oblivion remained, as you described it, on just when to have the Grey Cup whether a bit earlier or not.

It was then a secondary debate on just how early to start the season or not.

Of course the pandemic times right now necessitate an earlier start so as to provide an additional buffer of time in case of delays.

Every pro league is facing that same prospect for an earlier start in going forward into its next season as otherwise every currently active league is utilizing replacement players so as to not have to cancel play again.

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The only Canadian bowl games this weekend are at Lucky Strike Lanes :bowling:.


If the CFL/USports would just do it my way....

Well, could you enlighten us again?

Do you mean, as noted above, having Canadian amateur play on New Year's Day weekend? And do you have additional ideas for amateur Canadian football?

May these new journeys include new views of the proverbial mountain, for I have seen it as well as the valley, and well, it is goood! :smiley_cat:

Just stop with that


The CFL is fine with the Grey Cup in November.

Never been an issue before.

Strange that some want a May start with the Grey Cup in October.

Some will assume fans will automatically gravitate towards the CFL once the Canadian teams fall off the NHL playoffs.

Unless another Canadian network comes along offering a staggering some of money, can't see the season moving from it's current schedule.

The CFL had to gain TSN's approval along with the CFLPA just to move up the season a single week.

In other news the USFL is starting in April.

Let's see if that league can survive.

The XFL in 2023. The jury is out on that one.

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I suspect that TSN is one of those pushing for an earlier start to the season. They don't have the rights to either NHL playoffs or Blue Jays, so they'd probably like something to attract numbers in May and (more of) June. I'm guessing they'd also prefer less overlap with the NFL.

As far as competing with the NHL, in May there's only likely to be one or two (or none) Canadian teams active. In October and November, all Canadian NHL teams are active. More competition then than in May and June.


They do have less competition with the NFL as they rarely have games on Sundays outside of the playoffs in November.

Also they have other sports properties that do take up May and June.

They also may bid on the NHL when the national deal is up in 2026, only 5 years away as Bettman doesn't seem happy with Sportsnet's coverage of the NHL.

Honestly the season is starting on June 9th this year.

Should not be earlier than that.

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In all honesty if TSN wants to push the season up then they should compensate the CFL according in terms of more money.

Or the CFL, mainly Randy Ambrosie, need to grow a backbone to push back once in a while.


Just to be clear, the Grey Cup in November has been an issue in the past and is right now. For me the quality and integrity of the game suffers in poor, usually cold, weather. The least important games are played in the best weather while the most important games are played in the poorest weather. This also disproportionately affects the Western teams, other than BC.

I am aware that you don’t agree with that position and also aware that there are other important factors such as television, but I don’t think you can say that a November GC is not an issue.

I'm perfectly happy with the season running as scheduled in 2022. But I also understand that there are issues with attendance in late October and November. I also don't think NHL playoff hockey is much of an issue for the league if they did chose to start in May.

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So you're stating that because Winnipeg and Regina usually pack their or close to capacity they should dictate the schedule at the expense of other teams?

Has Calgary or Edmonton had crowds of over 30000 in June or July.

Both sell out the Labour Day back to back in September.

You're so fixated on weather conditions for the Grey Cup for some reason. Some of the best games have taken place due to weather being a factor.

You mean to tell me for three weeks in November you can't bundle up for the playoffs.

If the NFL can have the playoffs in January in places like Green Bay, Buffalo, New England or any of the North East stadiums that aren't covered that it's somehow way too cold in Winnipeg and or Regina.

Winnipeg had over 31,000 for their Dec 5th playoff final.

Clearly weather was not an issue for them or else they wouldn't have shown up.

It's the consequence of choosing to live in Canada and your stadiums not having a dome when that was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Unless you enjoyed the CFP games this past weekend.

Total blowouts. That's what perfect conditions brings you.

There often is a drop in attendance for playoff games compared to regular season games. Do you not see that as a problem?

Moving the season up is one potential way to address that. I'm not sure it would work, but certainly the cold weather in November drives some fans away.

How would you address this drop in attendance once the weather gets cold?

We have a domed stadium here in Vancouver and yet they can't get people to come to games even in nice weather during June and July.

As for attendance, bundle up.

Having the Grey Cup on November 20th is pretty much is placating to the prairie teams anyways.

Winnipeg and Regina have better stadiums than before and yet they would want an earlier season.

Can't assume if Canadian teams drop off in the NHL playoffs that they will gravitate towards the CFL.

Maybe in Regina.

Attendance needs to be solid for the summer months to make up for the potential drop in attendance in October.

The major Canadian markets have different demographics than before so they will be a lack of interest in the CFL no matter where you put the schedule.

Also it's preferable and beneficial for the Grey Cup and Vanier Cup to have their games on the same weekend once every 3 to 4 years.

Won't happen if the Grey Cup is in October.

Unless you think Canadian Universities sports don't matter.

Do you mean that to get more fans in the stands in late October and November the league should simply tell fans to bundle up?

You know my position on this very well and I know yours so I won’t get into detail again here and now.

I will point out that my position is the same for NFL and always has been. They are better off than the CFL with warmer weather and more indoor stadiums, but I detest a 9-6 Snow Bowl in the NFL as much as I do in the CFL.

I will respond to what I see as a new comment. I have consistently said that poor weather favours the weaker team and that this is unfair. You are saying that it is perfectly acceptable for the team with the better QB and receivers and running backs all year to be effectively neutered by weather. Why do the rules played through October need to be changed for the playoffs? This isn’t the NHL. How should a GM build his team? How is it fair for a team that is highly skilled to be reduced to making snow angels? I don’t agree that we need to level the playing field for the most important games so that the less skilled team has a fighting chance. So what if there is a blowout? The better team will have earned it and you can’t always say that about a weather dominated game.

Why not? Just because the calendar turns to October to November doesn't mean it will get cold right at that time.

My kids play field lacrosse in the Winter months in BC. Soccer takes place from September to May (December and January break in between).

I believe you live in Ottawa right now. Has weather been a factor in there attendance?

Don't get me wrong. The very thing I am against would be the very thing I would end up supporting as I have always preferred football over hockey for years (so un-Canadian of me, not liking hockey over football).

Let's see how this current schedule works out.

Still prefer the two championships (Grey Cup and Vanier Cup in November) but it's not up to us.

It's up to the dumb dumbs that are running the CFL.

Remember all 9 teams need to agree along with the tv partner and the players for the actual schedule shift to accur.

Surprised some players don't push for the shift in schedule as it might provide more NFL opportunities in terms of the window.

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So you're saying the better team is entitled to win?

Why even have a playoff?

That's why football is always known as "Any Given Sunday"

Anything can happen.

Over 31000 in Winnipeg for a Dec 5th playoff.

You're trying to tell me that's an anomaly, they won't sell out next November.

As for the 1st round not selling out. The team that finishes 2nd won't necessarily sell out as fans wanted their team to finish 1st.

You actually enjoy blowout games?

Nothing entertaining about that.

No I am not saying the better team is entitled to win. I am saying that the better team should not be unfairly handicapped. And I like to see offence. A preference, I know.

As to blowouts, like anyone else, I prefer not to see them if I am watching a game in which I am not cheering for either team. I hate them if my team is on the receiving end. I love them when my team is administering the punishment.