CFL going into holiday season!

What do you do for entertainment over the Christmas/New Year's holidays?

spend some time here.
NFL depending on day of week
spend extra time with family
play comp games
eats lots of great food
watch other favorite tv shows

and all that without a smart phone to glue my face to.

Go boxing day sales hunting for deals on oversized canvas tents and plumbing supplies .

Oh you want to do it more like a Pro Bowl than a midseason All Star weekend

Truthfully I think in ALL games of this nature there is a drop off as players do not want to get hurt

My point was, there's all kind of festivities and football on TV during the holidays but no Canadian football.

In my opinion, if you want to succeed in business you have to know the concept of playing chess. I don't see that in the CFL/USports. Missed opportunities.

…keep those great ideas coming so the admin ppl can relay them to the higher powers that can truly stroke their beards in consideration thereof

…and don’t let the fact that pretty much everything west of Thunder Bay is not humanly conducive to any outdoor activity beyond maybe ice-fishing deter these thoughts…so what if it’s minus 30 or more, employ the running game more..

BC Place would be the site.

…you would think but Vancouver is a sh!tshow this week as they’re in the same arctic flow event, dropping temps there to near-record one could get to the stadium, sorry…


Good luck Vancouver!

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It would be hard to play chess in -30 degree weather.

Do they postpone Canucks hockey games regularly too? What's wrong with postponing a set of Canadian games a week later?

If the players/coaches/referees, etc. are already there, play the games without fans or postpone a week?

Earlier in the season there were staunch fans saying that wasn't a big deal and the games should continue...and they would show up.

Yes because NFL and NHL have their season schedule from september to february/june, which is not the case of CFL/University football in Canada. Playing Grey Cup on new year's day would mean rebalancing the schedule or a month off. Both are stupid.

Would you see baseball playoffs on Christmas or New Year's day?

I was most certainly not one of those fans.

I guess the same applies to MLB

Both USports and NCAA begin in September. It would be a natural change for USports to finish-out in January too with the traditional month off as you see in the NCAA.

The season the way it is scheduled for 2022 is just fine.

I did not care for a Grey Cup in December.

This idea of delaying the season into the holiday season should be flushed.

The schedule the way it is for next season is fine as well.

If there's a need to pair up with the Vanier Cup then having the season end on the final Sunday of November works as well.

Did enjoy the December Grey Cup though.

Not big on a December Grey Cup with a chess match at half time either.

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