CFL going into holiday season!

So I get home, and I'm all fired up to see some CFL action and I realize the season is over.

There is no CFL Pro Bowl All Star game featuring the super stars from the 4 eastern teams vs. the super stars from the 4 western teams played in the Bahamas. I realize an all-star game isn't possible with lopsided number of teams in the current east and west division.

Santa stops by in a week. Is the NCAA upcoming playoff games coming up? Yes! Is the NFL playoff games coming up? Yes! Is the CFL Grey Cup set to be played as one of a series of three games on New Year's Day? Heck, no!

Very disappointed in the CFL management.

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Who moved my post to 'Site Feedback'?

The material isn't a discussion about this website.

…the admins asked that any good ideas about changing the league be moved here because they don’t have time to scan the whole site, but they do check in here for any site problems, so it gets the good ideas in front of the people that can best use the info…efficiency!

You just got home from where ?

Why in your fantasy is there only 4 teams in the west ?

How did you find out the Bahamas has no Covid and is the perfect place for Allstar games ?

Why is Santa coming by the day after Boxing Day ? Returns right it has to be for returns for Store credit or exchanges .

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The gym.

I was against having nine teams in the league.

An even number allows for an all-star game, plus with just eight teams, one major city goes without a team and allows for the eight teams to move if they aren't treated right -- Toronto would move to vacated Ottawa and become rebranded as the Ottawa Rough Riders, etc.

I'm self-reliant and I question everything from time to time because history can repeat itself in the area of politics and its implications.

He stops by me on Dec. 25th

What I like even better is on New Year's Eve:

Early game: CJFL championship game
Late game: Vanier Cup

On New Year's Day:

Early game: CFL all-star game (minus the players from the teams in the Grey Cup)
Late Game: Grey Cup

All games take place at BC Place.

Hey EZ_Football - this is Canada we say Christmas Season not "holiday season"

Maybe that's what they say down in Florida, but up here in Canada, we often say Happy Holidays . . . and Joyeuses Fetes.



Words to live by MadJack . :love_you_gesture: :+1:

Really how simple can it be ?

Merry (fill in blank ) :santa:
Happy (fill in blank ) :santa:


Why would a 9 team league preclude an All Star game?
Lots of leagues had unbalanced teams (eg NHL East had more teams than West, MLB AL had more teams than NL, NBA had odd number of teams as well)

Since only 1 guaranteed player per team the impact on a football league would be so minimal (and West would only have a weaker All Star Squad if Edmonton had no All Star on their roster)

Which is technically true so 1 player gets the bump

If we do an all star game (without the Grey Cup players in it) it would be players from 3 teams vs. players from 4 teams. That's statistically significant in the sense that the level of play would be unequal from statistically lopsided pools of players to choose from.

That's too lopsided unlike all stars from 15 teams vs. all stars from 13 teams (a past NHL situation).

But... WHY would you preclude players from the Grey Cup teams???

I have never heard of another league where they said "ok this is the All Star Game and people like Kobe Bryant and Wayne Gretzky and Roy Halladay you guys stay home"???

With current divisions we have a 5 vs 4 situation and I agree the sad sack Elks do weaken the West (as all teams must be represented) but its hardly impossible

The other option (for more fairness) could easily follow what the NHL did; elect 2 team captains who then draft their own All Star teams if you prefer

Many leagues have quality issues (as players do tend to mail in performances) but still it could be a big event to attract fans

That format might be a good thing.

Just wanted to point out that during the time the NHL players “drafted” teams, they did so from a pool of already picked all stars. Not sure if you were aware of that. I remember that it was sport for a couple of years to pick Phil Kessel last.

Personally, while I think it is a good idea to pick all stars or all pros, I have no interest in the game itself. In any sport. It is a back slapping, no hitting exhibition with no sign of defence and less intensity than a beer league game.

lol yeah they can't draft some rando team mate
The idea was to eliminate the perceived imbalance on the West team due to the sadsack Edmonton Elks

Because the All-Star game would be played before the Grey there's no drop-off. It would be anti-climatic to have the All-Star game played after the Grey Cup.

I do like the idea of having a player draft instead of east vs. west since there is one more team in the west. However, if there's no east vs. west (thanks to the CFL adding an odd 9th team) that makes the game less intriguing.

You think that a coach would let any player risk injury before the Grey Cup game? they would never let a player go to an all-star game unless it was something like flag football

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The All-Star game excludes the players playing in the Grey Cup.

are you serious. Grey cup on new years? what world do you live in?

as for all star game, if there was one, in a normal year, it would be nowhere close to Christmas.

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