CFL goes wrong in Grey Cup Halftime music

forget the music,

they should have an auto auction.


invite 200 random people down to play a pick game of frozen tag


or bring in howie for a quickie version of Deal or No Deal


maybe a version of the movie The Quick and the Dead shootouts, using vests and face shields and rubberpaint bullets


something different for a change.

Didn't Regina do something about the history/diversity of the province in one of the two GCs that it hosted? I just can't remember but I thought so. I recall non-Sask observers saying that it was very interesting, a pleasant change. While some of FYB's suggestions may be off the wall, others really are worth considering ... for a pleasant change.

Anyways, I don't really care about half time - it's not the game itself.

It is impossible, I M P O S S I B L E, to please everybody. No matter who you choose somebody will complain. The CFL just did the right thing — chose a band and ignored the sage advice from this board.

Threads like this one, castigating the CFL over a choice of a band for the half time show, is so utterly ridiculous and ultimately pointless it makes one wonder HOW anybody can't see that for themselves. :thdn:

Whats wrong with a High School Marching band?


I wanna watch football at the Grey Cup not some Music band. How did this goofy tradition even start?

I wanna ask one question.

Who would NOT go to a Grey Cup (or Super Bowl) game because of the half time show?

While I agree that it is ridiculous to complain about this, I want to.
I agree completely with Blin about this style of rock. It is such formulaic drivel.
I call the whole style Theory of a NickleCreed, as I have a lot of trouble discerning between these types.

That being said, I will probably be in line ups for beer at this time.

Which is excatly what most people do. Go to the Washroom,get more drinks, more food.

Grey Cup Parties, refill the drinks, cook more appy's.

Again I ask, how did this goofy halftime tradition get started?

Maybe it's more for the people at home...?

But I like your idea of a large marching band, Sporty. That could be cool. They always have those large bands at NCAA games. my place it's called the five minute pee....

Are you doing a trough dive too, R & W?..... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

To say the least, I am not impressed! But let me rant a little. Who the heck made this bone-headed decision? Was Larry Smith listening to one of his grand-kids or something!!! Let the small-time Canadian bands play the venues in Grey Cup Village or whatever its called. And if the half-time act has to be Canadian, how about a big-time act? How about Michael Buble to please the ladies? Us guys will be busy trying to get another beer anyway! How about Fiest? Too artsy? Whatever... Avril Lavigne? Her songs suck, I mean really suck! But who can say no to a litte eye candy. Even Rush wouldn't be that bad would it? Doesn't Bryan Adams have a new album out? Why the heck isn't Celine Dion not playing? She's even from Quebec, ce ca? She played the '92 cup in TO. Hell, how about Jully Black? At least she can shake her booty and Seven Day Fool is stuffed full of R&B swing!!! I'm in the camp that believes that the Grey Cup must show off Canada to the world stage, and Theory of A Deadman is just dead wrong! Am I wrong? Maybe we can get the organizers to reverse this very bad decision...I'm embarassed :oops:

Theory Of A Deadman are far from smalltime. Your embarassed yet you suggest Celine Dion who is the definition of bland pop music. :thdn:

Celine has got a far superior singing voice...but I digress. Isn't it true that the real reason TOAD will be playing the Grey Cup is because of their close association with WWF and NASCAR! God help us!!! :cowboy:

Looking at the choices, they could have done mouch worse. That being said I think the best solution for events like this is that you choose 3 acts and try and follow the following code

1st act = A band that may not be known nationally but is considered 'up and coming' and/or a band that is very popular locally and symbolizes the local 'sound'

2nd act = A popular band of the recent present but not a headliner i.e. Hedley, Arcade Fire, Sum 41 whatever tickles your fancy

Headliner = A band that 90% of the audience can appreciate/sing lyrics to 3 of their songs. This means someone from the 70's or 80's most likely but might mean a headliner of today who gets play with adult comtemporary songs. i.e. Elton John, ACDC, Heart, Bon Jovi, Guess Who, Rush, Bryan Adams, the new Queen or INXS (though i won't get into how much the new versions of these bands aren't close to as good as the original line-ups)

This way, there should be atleast one act that everyone wants to hear and adds to the ticket value and commercial interest in the game. Now overall this isn't a big deal cause i think it works as is, but just my two cents on a formula i think would work.

I like Nickleback.

I prefer a quarterback

im not touching that one with a 10-foot pole... (actually, on second thought, I prefer a quarterback too)

what ever guys, we are true cfl fans we don't need some dumb band, i know why they went with this bad its cuz they are young and popular, let the stupid kids have there music. :rockin:

heres a plan for the half time show... turn down the volume of you TV. put on your favortie CD.

my plan for half time is to watch the panel. Rather listen to them than just about anything they do for half time at the stadium, except guess who.

Personally, I think they should bring in Marie and the Osmond brothers.

I'll be in search of more beer! :cowboy: