CFL goes wrong in Grey Cup Halftime music

I don't understand it.

the musical groups they chose, simply because they're Canadian?

Well um why not then choose BIG names??

Theory of a deadman? WTF?

all these groups and singers out there and they have to choose these?

Who actually decides?
The League or Montreal?(Montreal Grey Cup Committee)

I personally don't have an issue with this year choices...

Theory of a Deadman, Andree Waters &

When it's too Canadian (Tragically Hip, Theory of Deadman, Shania Twain, ect...) people complain, when it's too American (Lenny, Black Eye Peas, ect...) people complain...

You cannot satisfy everyone...

As long as it's loud and the PA system doesn't stink...anyway, we all know 50% of the people at the Big O will be running for the washroom so they don't miss the 3rd quarter...

As for TV viewers, just go to the can, refill your beer fridge & make a nachos platter during that time !

I still think it should of been 50 Cent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would he even make it through the border? :lol:

He'd find a way 8)

The existence of this topic is so predictable. Didn't matter who the powers that be chose as entertainers or what they decided to to at half time, this thread was as sure as water runs down hill. Leave it alone already.

It would have been great (and fitting) to have had U2 perform the halftime show.

Theory and default are both under the umbrela of 604 Records.... Many of their songs (both theroy and default) are infact left over Nickelback songs....
Chad Kroger is the reason why the vast majority of kids 13-21 now listen to hip hop...Rock and roll was struggling .....Chad Kroger exploited this and put out catchy cheezy rock ,that only losers appreciate ,thus turning almost all kids away from rock and roll.
If you don't believe me just watch the MTV video awards...........
Chad Kroger destroyed rock and roll.... Default and Theory are just mere appendages of Nickelback..... I would sooner listen to Celine Dion over any of the bands who come from 604 records.....
604 records makes me ashamed to be from Vancouver....makes me ashamed to be from BC....and makes me ashamed to be Canadian.

If a record label can make you feel ashamed to be Canadian, then you probably weren't that proud to begin with.

To be honest, I don't mind Nickelback. They come out with some cachy stuff. I haven't bought a CD from them since Silver Side Up, but if one of their songs comes on the radio, I'll turn it up.

Lots to consider, band availability and cost are big factors. If 50 cent ever played i'd poke my eardrums out.

I'm speachless....You are the first person that I have ever met that likes Nickelback...
My work site actually banned 99.3 The Fox because of Nickelback..... Now it stays on The Beat....
Sad because The Fox actually plays a good Metalica or Black Sabath song once in a blue moon.

I think that it would have been beter had they lined up Broken Social Scene, Wolf Parade, The New Pornographers or the Arcade Fire, hell even Feist would have been cool. Something that is Canadian and actually good music would have been nice, hell I would be ok with The Hip. Who in gods name actually listens to Theory of a Deadman anyways??????? There are probably more people that like and listen to the above mentioned bands than Theory of a Deadman, and it would be cool to get some lesser known Canadian acts some coverage. Where is Bryan Adams when you need him.

Yeah, gonna have to veto all five of those... :lol:

There's a halftime show?

Who cares really, nice to see a bit of a change with some regular acts, Canadian or otherwise. Everyone has their favourites, whatever.

Just curious, does a Halftime show have to be a musical performance? Has there even been a Halftime Show where it wasn't a band or singer?

I don't mind the choice. Not a fan of the band but I don't flip the channel when they come on. Would of been fine with Nickleback as well for the same reason.

Much like how every week there's a thread about the refs, every year there's a thread about how the Grey Cup halftime act should have been something else. Its as inevitable as the tides.

And after the GC, there will be a thread about how bad the half time show was, no matter who the entertainment was. Guaranteed.