CFL GMs - call Wally

Rob Murphy .... aka Dawna's bodyguard ... is about to tell Wally to "frigg-off"

GMs should deal for Dickenson .... just promise him some protection

Dawna won't last week 3 .... with another 2005 BC O-line

3rd you are going have them out in the streets ready to hang you from the nearest lamp post. Again what did Dave do to you or do you think it is his time to move on. Because I assure you many BC fans do not agree with you. :lol:
Myself I would trade him while he has value. But I am not a BC fan so that is not fair to say. :lol:

LOL ... I cannot stand Dickenson nor Buono .... would love to see both of them back in "red and white"

DD ... "boring, brittle, brutal whiner" .... "2 step girlie-girl who loves takin sacks" .... totally self-centred over his passing % numbers

Wally ... intimidating asshat who scares media into thinking he's smart ... non stop rhetoric ... "like I said" ... "as you know" .... "well you know what"

Atleast in "red and white" ... they would help pack our park!

3rd down and I will always disagree on the Buono Dickenson threads. I think despite a few "Wallyisms" he has re-built this team quite well.

I am concerned that they haven't signed Murphy yet. On offensive line is so important. R&W2005 makes some good points about getting full market value for Dickenson. The tough question is how many years has he left? What could you get for him. Would he come back to "Bite" you in the butt with another team.


....Murphy would be quite a loss.....but IF he wants to move on....How about Jermese Jones and a draft choice...Brendan would be more than willing to make that move....but would Wally.....heh heh..... :thup: :rockin:

We'll take them both. Send them our way.

Well 3rd I agree th you on Wally I have said it time and again the guy is a good gm but not a great coach IMO. Dave might have a couple of years left in him but hell the Lions one the cup last year now would be the best time to move him while value is still there. And the Lions with Buck and Jarious would not hurt the team that much in the next year or two. But knowing Wally who I would not want back here in Cowtown will do like he always does waits to long tells the guy he is too old get lost and you get nothing. But I am sure many of the Lions followers will disagree and I am fine with that it would not be the first time. But is good to see that someone else can see Wally in a different light. :lol:

the cfl is racist, how come they dont have any black refs

I suppose it was only a matter of time before you began your inane (and completely in-character) cries of racism.....

I Seem to be agreeing with you alot more RED LMFAO :thup: 8)

Is That You Arland???

Just maybe none have applied so where is the race card here? Why bring this up truwarier? Why are you a bigot? Seriously this just come out of the blue? :roll:

That is truly funny! There sometimes is a reason to my madness.

May you should volinteer.

If they are racist, why do they have an oriental Line Judge? (I'm assuming Henry Chiu is oriental!)

Maybe YOU should look in the mirror Arland, I mean truwarrior, maybe you are the one that is the racist! :roll: :roll:

man y'al cant handle a joke, a simple comment and your wetting your pants, cool your panties and stop getting all emotional, chill out, and go back to your expansion threads, lol.

i thought cfl fans were supposed to more laid back and calm than nhl fans.

Well gentlemen?? Any of you others wish to cool your panties and stop getting all emotional??

Not only racist, but sexist, too.....

speak for yourself, it my fault your team had thugs like keith, smith, the hill brothers, dexter manley, etc.

Are you trying to make a connection to something? Because if you are, it isn't working.....

it aint a connection, your getting all emotional and crying over my comments and your try to act all moral. Yet you support a football team that is more thugged out than the cincinatti bengals. The riders are "BENGALS NORTH" your team has a past of employing thugs like dexter manley, trevis smith, kenton keith, hakim "the shill" hill, and his brother kahlil. Just give it up.