CFL Global Draft

I see that the Global Draft is on Thur Apr 15 at 1pm. Does anyone know if it is live posted anywhere as it happens, on TV or online. Can I follow it or do I just have to wait until it's over to find the results.

Global draft?
I doubt many of these guys will ever get on the field. Teams are now required to put 2 on their starting roster, they will just dress them. In 2019 most teams dressed one, and I think maybe one or two got on the field. Ottawa had a Mexican receiver, I remember him making one great catch in a pre-season game, he was on the sidelines for every game but never got to play


Much as I'd REALLY like to see Global Players make an impact, I have a bad feeling all we are going to see is either the old NFL Europe trick where a team had to have I think 3(?) Europeans on the roster - so it was almost guaranteed that they'd end up being the kicker, punter and one lineman, or the alternative is that you'll only see the Globals in garbage time of a blowout game or playing the last few games on a team whose season is already over.

If the Global initiative is to be seen as a success, there needs to be a breakout star at WR or RB/SB. Finding another Thiadric Hansen would be nice, but linemen and defenders can be just as easily found through the Canadian draft, whereas a WR blazing down the sidelines who's been plucked out the Finnish league really would make people sit up and take notice.

I would say a European QB starting in the CFL would be even better, but given the problems Canadian QBs have, this is currently as likely as discovering a unicorn who holds a degree in astrophysics.

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April 15th (heavy sigh)? I'm sure that the upcoming Global Draft was mentioned a few weeks or months ago but I totally forgot when it was happening. There's no 'UPCOMING EVENTS' button on the CFL website and there ought to be. Unlike any other league in this hemisphere too many CFL events come and go under the radar.

I cant remember what TSN did a couple of years ago for this. I don't think it was on TV. I know I read it on the TSN site and the CFL site of the results on who drafted who.

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I think we will see more impact from this draft. Look at who was involved and it wasn't grass roots - - a lot of guys have NCAA and NFL experiences and many look like they can play. Now will this take away from Canadian spots?

I dunno, 25% of the players taken were punters or kickers. Is this really going to grow the game internationally? Drafting players who come on the field to boot the ball a few times and are virtually removed from all the other running, catching, throwing, passing and hitting elements of the game? I don't think so.

The New England Patriots, because FB Jakob Johnson, their player from the International Pathway program is from Germany, have their team website set up with a German language option.

Is a CFL team with lets say a player from Sweden or Japan willing or able to have a similar language option on their website?

If the league and teams are truly serious about CFL 2.0 it would certainly seem that it would require doing that to initiate realistic interest from Global countries.

Sully, is there a way in Transactions in the main site to have the Add to Roster Global players designated with a G rather than N(National)?