CFL Global Draft kicks off full day of draft action

TORONTO — Football players from around the world are set to shine on May 3 when the CFL Global Draft gets underway, kicking off a full day of selections between two drafts.

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Does this event have high ratings?

Perhaps I missed it last year, but I thought it was telling that the NFL Draft was free and easy to view live on YouTube.

ESPN blew up the NFL Draft out of proportion over a decade ago with the Tim Tebow draft especially after doing so in prior years, but in the last five years especially I find there is less chatter and especially those annoying mock drafts.

This year I noticed that beyond the first round draft pick and then only just to check in, hardly even any of the local hard core fans of the Eagles like me cared about the entire draft yet there they are having a big deal in Las Vegas.

I know if I were in Las Vegas in April, I sure would not be hanging out with people dressed up for the NFL Draft given all else going on there.