CFL getting $2 MILLION US TV Deal???

Like my previous post, the US$ should come to roost soon. Making it in time for the new Canadian TV contract for at least $20M+ per year.
As for the Global deal, dont quote me but I do seem to recall how they are paying for national rights(as there are other Global channels) to include the Super Bore and at a whopping $25M annually.

thats horrible....CFL ratings CRUSH nfl's and the nfl gets the bigger tv deal???....makes no sense.

on the other hand, CFL could use that as a bargining tool when negotiating a new deal with tsn......tsn is paying less for better ratings....should atleast match NFL's deal with global.

Tom Wright should look into negotiating with global about buying CFL rights when the current deal expires.

I had heard back then from someone that I know who works at Global and this also came out in the papers, that Global made a very strong offer during the last negotiations. Apperently offering more (approximately 11M annually) then TSN, but they wanted all the games principally to be played on one day, being Saturday. I am glad the CFL did not agree, because most of us like the 4 games to be spread out over the weekend. Plus, TSN has helped the league during the bad times in the 90's when the league was down. They gave/ negotiated on then more money then the TV deal was worth to the league. Also, making Friday night football now truly an EVENT, like the early days of the No Fun League Monday night Football. Since the league took less money then the market would bare during the last five year contract, that makes basically the situation even. Next deal has to be in the Global NFL dollar range. Still though, I would like them to stay withTSN/CBC all things being equally as they do a great job with FNF and the other nights. The production is getting much better and there is no better Footbal panel anywhere around than the "four amigos".

He's right, Fox Sports does a great job with this and they even showed the little known World Cup of Aussie Ball standings as well :shock:

heres the post u were refering to, peter6625.

Here is another major difference in a US network paying for CFL TV rights. Nearly half of our players are Americans(imports) and there is interest in fans following their graduated College players who turned pro and are playing in the best football league. On top of this boom, can you imagine some day and I know some of us do not like to hear this, perhaps if there were 1-3 US teams?
As for the previous Swedish hockey example, other then in Sweden no one cares.

I think it would be great for about 3 U.S teams argotom try northern cities like Seattle, Detroit, Boston. Boston team could play at Nickerson Stadium where the old Boston Braves played. It would be perfect for a CFL team. It just got renovated, its in Boston's back bay so you could take the subway there. The USFL Boston franchise played there. Detroit could use either the tiger stadium, or Silverdome. Seattle could use Husky Stadium , or the baseball, or football stadium. Guess its food for thought, or just wishful thinking. I still don't mind the 4 and a half hour drive, it gets me pumped up for the game.

not a chance....the CFL won't be dumb enough to try to put teams in NFL cities.....won't draw, and might bug the NFL...then they could put a team in Toronto. after we get 11 canadian teams, we could add 3 american places without NFL teams....nebraska comes to mind.

but as i've said before...the CFL needs a good tv deal in the US, and they need to find the non-NFL cities that draw the highest tv ratings...then hold some pre-season games...then consider expansion there.

cant rush this...could hurt the CFL image and set us back 10 years.

I agree Peter. But and because of the failure of the 90's, if done again there can be no margin for any error. Only northern based cities, who must have a minimum 25,000 season tickets for three years, strong ownership to include the franchise fee and a further $5M+ in bond put up with the league. In other words, DUE DILIGENCE with only 100% guaranteed success. If so, I agree and then we could add Halifax and QC to make it 12 teams. The other major issue is the player ratio problem. I seem to recall last time and to componsate for Canadian ratio which will not fly in the US, there was the suggestion how each American city must have players from their immediate region/state and this would be the equivilant of "non imports" ratio.

i agree....the ratio issue is a problem that would need to be worked around, along with the things i just mentioned b4 CFL considers american teams.

Agree you DO NOT want to go into or near any NFL market. For the reason it won't work plus you do not want to upset the big Russian bear, NFL.

what COULD give the CFL a 'legs up' in the states...would be a lighter stance on gambling on thier games....maybe let american pro-line allow wagers CFL.

If done right, I do like the 11 Canadian and 3 US total possibility.

As long as the league stayed under Canadian ownership, I'd be fine with that.

I need to post my BS network topic link on here.

Good suggestions. I suspect that NBC is still licking its wounds from the XFL debacle and might want to stay away from football for another year.

I do think that it is an 'alien' feeling towards Canada that turn some American fans off. But I believe the love of the game could convince them to give the CFL a chance.

doesnt NBC carry arena football??????

god I'd love to see that, the CFL on NBC!!! has a nice ring to it.

cities I would target as possibles....

  1. Portland Oregon
  2. Portland Maine
  3. Fargo/Moorhead North Dakota/Minnesota (Red River Raiders would be a great name)
  4. Salt Lake City Utah
  5. Omaha Nebraska

The problem with all 5 of these possibles, would be stadiums. Would take some creative politicing and financial wheeling/dealing to pull off. I would say that after the quick "in and out" CFL expeiment in the states in the 90s many people would be warry of sticking their necks out. They too would need to be convinced that this was a perment expansion, not another experiment.

CFL in football mad nebraska would be a great thing.

no teams in the US, please, maybe a few ex games in the south, but that's it. THIS IS OUR (and by OUR, I mean Canadians and Canadian wanna bes) GAME!!!

but bring the CFL there by TV, I love to see it on NBC or B2 networks