CFL getting $2 MILLION US TV Deal???

now i got your ;

maybe the OLN network will pick up the games in the states, and pay for it???...they already have the NHL...OLN is trying to slowly change into a sporting and hockey are a good start....even if the CFL only gets 2-5 million US per year, add that to the 15-20 CND they can get here....thats a good deal.....or maybe 'spike tv'

i just messaged gonna do OLN in a second...but heres the links:

spiketv ( feedback is in the top right ):


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Great post drumminggod. I also contacted OLN, about CFL coverage. I hate watching tape delayed CFL games which most of the people in the US get stuck with.

the AFL does well down there and has a videogames and a tv deal....cfl is way better than that, and could steal some of thier tv audience....its not 'gimicky' like the AFL, but is different than the NFL....and its on for a few months b4 nfl or college ball hungry americans could start watching...could be the ECW of FOOTBALL?

the thing is that there are no cities for them to relate too. It'd be like showing Swedish premier hockey in Canada sure it would be diferent and interesting for 5 minuties but after that who cares. I honestly think no American will follow CFL. It's just wishfull thinking that it will work.

no cities for them to relate too?.....that doesnt seem to be a problem for canadians who watch NFL.

if americans want to watch football from june til whenever NFL starts...theyre gonna watch CFL....they might even develop a loyal 'cult' following of a few million fans.

Well theDan8 your wrong. I' am an American and i follow the CFL. You cant' compare American interest in the CFL, to the Canadians interest in Swedish hockey. Last time i looked on a map US and Canada is connected. Somehow i don't see Canadians traveling to Sweden to watch a Swedish hockey game, but i can see Americans traveling to Canada to watch CFL, and Canadians traveling to the US to watch the NFL. Unfortunately most of my knowledge of the CFL is through watching it on television, but i' am committed to taking the 5 hour ride to see my Al's. Just like when i make my Buffalo trip to see the Patriots play, i run into a ton of Canadians, its only a half hour south of the border. As i've said before the CFL is bigger than ever down here. Damon Allen on sports center, and last years grey cup. Don't underestimate the U.S interest in football. XFL was too WWF, and the USFL was trying to compete with the NFL so they folded. We need more football here whether its more NFLE or CFL i don't care, but i need my football fix. Take the fact that there are a ton of American players in the CFL, its not all canadian, this could influence some Americans to watch the game. And no that's not why i watch the CFL, i for one don't care if the CFL players were a bunch of Mexicans.

Also it raises another question. Look at sports gaming, you don't think Americans want to have the CFL on so they can bet on the games. Why do you think ESPN in the U.S. has games on Tuesday's and Wednesday's, and look at bowl week in college football. Vegas wants these games, the students and players don't.


It's never going to happen now, but it would be cool since ABC and CBS shows the NFL, that NBC could show the CFL, heck, they wasted millions on the XFL and they show the AFL, why not?

The CFL on NBC

has a nice ring to it.


Jumped out of my chair with excitement thinking I might actually get to watch the CFL down here in the states.... didn't realize it was April Fools Day already.....

well, request the CFL on those links i poster, and maybe they can do something about the requests?

will do, but don't ever do that again, you will kill somebody someday!

I've got an idea and maby someone has brought it up already but you know how some amarican commentators always say that the day in between MLB allstar game and when there regular season starts is "the boringest sports day"? well maby the CFL could have a remach of the grey cup game or just a game on that day to give the amaricans something to watch on that day.

just a thought probobly will never happen oh well wishful thinking i guess

just sent messages requesting it to both networks.

I seriously think that there is a nitch for the CFL in the US.

Several keys…

  1. Get onto a cable tv network, one that all people (that have dish or cable) can access it.
  2. Have one headline live game a week on friday or saturday evening say 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern. This is prime “bar time”, where people (young adults) that are out on the town, will be drinking with various TVs on various sporting events… which in the summer means 4 different baseball games and golf! If any football is on, people will gravitate to it… maybe eve look forward to watching it again next week, and request it be on… this gets the ball rolling.
  3. This must be on the same time every week, so that people can depend on getting to see it and schedule accordingly.
  4. Have a 1 hour “this week in the CFL” highlight show showing highlights, and previews of the next week’s action to build suspence… Add in a few quick interviews with annalysis…

The australians (kanga can back me up on this) do a great job on #4 for the AFL (ausie rules). With highlight, and the famouse top 10 of really great plays, scores, hits…

anyone know what global is paying the nfl to air some games in canada?

Yes Husker, and have this highlight show play before the games at all the stadiums before home games if the stadium as a video board, this would be nice. And yes by all means, get this to the networks in the US. Why the CFL hasn't done this, I don't think they have anyways, is a mystery to me.

this is how I got into rugby league (other then pure curiosity of it being 'a form of rugby')...

Fox Sports World used to air a tape delayed (1 week) match every friday nights at 8-10 pm. Got to be a tradition for a bunch of guys to come to my house, grilll a few brats, pound back a few beers while watching the National Rugby League from australia. Was also a good time to get primed to go out to the bar so you wouldn't need to spend so much... game got over at 10pm... prime time to go to the bar!

Thing is, every week, at the same time on the same day... was dependable... sort of got a cult following going...

does such a 1 hour highlight/preview show exist already up there? Would be much easier and cheaper for a network down here to purchase a canadian produced program, and simply rebroadcast it, then to reinvent the wheel... at least untill the wave of popularity takes off....

might be a good thing to do an American version of the show, and put more focus on what American Universities the players were from, or what NFL team the players had played for... explain the rules and history a bit more....

No doubt about it, the league is really falling down in promoting itself in every aspect, from pre and post game shows to the actual game itself.....with the ratings on the rise I cant figure out why somebody doesnt see the potential and take a run at it ?

One thing the NFL has always been good at. Really what has made the league, and the sport IMHO... they do know how to market and put on shows that people want to see.

i found this article while looking for how much canadian networks are paying to air teh nfl here…i thought we might all get a kick outta this article…lol:

Canadian television networks aren’t wasting any time trying to tag up with NBC to televise XFL games.

Carl DeMarco, president of WWF Canada, said yesterday he received several calls from Canadian network executives seeking to simulcast XFL games, which NBC will begin broadcasting next year.

NBC, which stopped broadcasting the NFL two years ago after a partnership of more than 30 years, announced yesterday it had bought a 50% share of the XFL for $30 million US. It plans to broadcast the new football league’s games both regionally and nationally in prime time on Saturday nights starting Feb. 3, concluding with the championship game, April 21.

“There’s going to be a dogfight for Canadian rights for XFL,” DeMarco said. “It’s going to be one of the biggest fights for licensing rights in Canada.”


DeMarco ridiculed the Canadian Football League for turning down the opportunity to hook up with the World Wrestling Federation last year. WWF owner Vince McMahon attempted to take over the CFL and mentioned the possibility of bringing NBC into the picture because of his relationship with NBC’s chairman of sports, Dick Ebersol. They have known one another for 15 years and were business partners for five years.

“This could have been all part of the CFL,” DeMarco said. “Those idiots missed the boat. The CFL dropped the ball.”

The CFL board of governors rejected McMahon’s overtures, worried that the Canadian game would lose its culture and rules. However, the XFL plans to adopt some CFL’s rules, such as the automatic punt return.

CFL president Jeff Giles, who met with McMahon last year, said he was expecting the WWF to secure only a cable contract.

“For this to be on national television is quite a coup,” Giles said. “To have (NBC) buy 50% is quite a commitment, too.”

Ebersol predicted NBC’s investment would be in the black in three years.

“It’s an economic modal that works well for both partners,” he said.

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