CFL Gets Serious About a Team in the Atlantic Provinces

is that a guarantee??

You would be surprised to know how many people I know out here go to Pats games every year. Every High School has a football team and ther is absolutely nothing but playing golf to do with your clients here in the summer and fall till hockey starts up.

There is also potential for tremendous growth from trade with China and Southeast Asia. There are now ships that can carry a massive amount of goods. They are called Post Panama Vessels, because they are too large to go through the Panama Canal. Halifax, with the second largest natural deepwater harbour in the world (Sydney, Australia is no. 1), is one of the few ports capable of accomodating these vessels. If managed properly, Halifax could become the place where goods are shipped to to be transferred to smaller vessels to head up the seaway and to other ports on the coast. Imagine if the city became a main distribution centre for companies that import much of their merchandise from China. It could result in an unprecedented economic boom.

I don't know if people know this but every car that comes to Norh America or leaves North American transits through the port of Halifax. There is tremendous potential in Halifax but the city and mostly the province has not been very open to foreigners.

that surprises me

why would cars from Japan, and anywhere else in east asia, come through eastern canada???

re: Timeline for a New Stadium
Back in November, shortly after taking office, Mayor Savage stated in an interview that he thought a stadium plan could be developed within his four-year term.
If his opinion hasn't changed, that would mean that he believes that Halifax could be basically where Saskatchewan is right now with their stadium plan by the fall of 2016. Add a couple of years for construction, and everything could be in place for 2018, which would sync up really nicely with Commissioner Cohon's five-year plan.

Absolutely nothing can happen until a developer presents a plan to develop the Shannon Park site.

They don't. A lot of them use the ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

It may mean nothing to you because you're local but I'm not and mentioning them makes me smile because I applied to about a thousand jobs late last year and one of them was Irving Shipbuilding.

So what was the point of building Moncton's stadium then? What are they going to regularly do there that justifies seating capacity of 20k?

Moncton stadium capacity is 10 000 and it was designed, built and intended for the World Junior Track and Field Championship and legacy use for the University of Moncton.

As far as I know the only country using the Long Beach Port is Cosco to bring Chinese cars in and American cars to China.

As for Irving Shipyard, I outfitted it for 1200 new workers, a couple hundred were hired then laid off a month later when the conservatives froze the shipbuilding contract claiming design changes after getting punted out of Atlantic Canada. They plan to hire again if and when the contract is given back to them. Irving is a fantastic company to work for and my best client.

San Diego is the port of entry for several major car manufacturers. I believe Oakland also receives cars.

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The dream of Halifax landing a Canadian Football League expansion franchise is once again alive.

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage confirmed that he recently met with the CFL commissioner Mark Cohon in an effort to discuss a new stadium.

Savage said the economic climate has changed, and there's a strong desire in the city — not just for a football team, but a world class venue.

“We've never given up on the idea of a stadium. At the time that we looked at it, everything wasn't in play that we needed,? he said.

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This is really exciting eh?

I feel so Canadian right now its great

Ok, so I was thinking of nicknames for Halifax, throw out the Schooners, Explosion, Windjammers.. but can anyone give some ideas about the way of life and/or culture of Halifax? I've read that Halifax is home to the Dept of Defense,so I thought of Destoyers, Defenders, Admirals, Commodores, Corvettes etc. but I need some help here.

how about halifax halibut


its just as good as redblacks

Halifax Schooners

Atlantic Mariners

Maritime Marauders

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