CFL Gets Serious About a Team in the Atlantic Provinces

Can’t believe I’m saying this again, but have to agree with Hfx again. I don’t think there will be any issues distributing the CBC revenues amongst 10 teams instead of 9, or the TSN money either if the conditions to move into the Maritimes (ie. good committed ownership group in place, stadium in development as we’ve seen in Ottawa) are ripe. Building a stadium is not specifically being done for a CFL team alone. Its a community venue. It can help attract concerts or other large events and can be used by community football clubs or CIS teams as a home field. And the global economy is only part of the consideration. The act of building and running a stadium provides jobs and can boost the local economy. The exposure a city could receive by hosting games and so forth can build up tourist dollars as well. There are many factors that play into the decision. Neither the CFL nor the local politicians will jump into anything unless they’ve carefully evaluated the situation.

halifax would seem to be the best eventual 10 team city, but I think in the next 10 yrs is too soon. Aside from the aberration that is regina, and their being able to draw from the whole province of sask, the smallest present city in pop is wpg. Actually, Ham is slightly lower but has a greater area base to draw from. These pop are close to 750,000 people.

Halifax is just under 400,000 with not a lot more near enough. It might work for a few yrs because of the novelty, but within 5, there would be problems and the team would either go belly up, or be supported by the CFL ala Coyotes.

I hope they should also be considering all the extra travel costs, and othercosts not on the top of my head right now, for all the teams.

For anytime soon, its a pipe dream.

As for hoping for pop growth over the next 5 to 10 yrs, from 41 to 71, canada's population just about doubled, but in the last 41 yrs, only up by just under 50%. In order for a Halifax team to work in less than say about 20 yrs, the meritime pop would have to become more fanatical then rider fans. Is that even possible?

Right now there is Public support, Mayoral support, Federal support and all the Province has asked is a business case in order to inject money in a stadium. A CFL and a NASL franchise is a big argument as well as summer concerts, Vanier Cups and International Soccer events are all things that will help retain young people in Halifax a city that is losing around 80 percent of its young graduates every year. Halifax needs some serious city building if it is to retain young people. Its the #1 priority or should be for the province.

You need to understand that people in Atlantic Canada are use to driving to get to Halifax and Moncton for a number of reasons. If you need to see a specialist you come to Halifax. You want to shop you come to Halifax. Your argument has merit but you can't use the same proximity to the stadium that you would use in other markets. In many ways its very much like Saskatchewan. Also the 400k figure is for HRM only within an hour you have the entire Annapolis Valley to the East and Truro up to the North that brings this to the same 750k as other smaller markets and frankly. You can include fans all the way to Moncton without problems IMO. 10 years seems like a proper window but a stadium is part of a bigger discussion of revitalization of the Tourism and other industries. Dropping the Commonwealth Games was a huge mistake as it opened a window on Europe for Halifax.

it would be nice if you are right, but....

thing I notice though is everyone seems to be talking about how to get a 10 team and not so much how to keep it going.

The problems in Southern Ontario have clouded how great the economics of the modern CFL are. You have 10 to 12 dates where you need 25 000 paying fans to make it work... In a market where there is no professional sports within 1100km. I mean it does not get any better but you need the stadium.

Why not build a stadium like Empire Field in Vancouver which was used while BC Place was being updated. It "only" cost $15 million to build and held 25,000+. It would be a good way to get a stadium easily built and between the TV money, tickets, merchandise, beer sales,etc. there would be money to be made, especially with a salary cap. If the team did well they could then upgrade as they build success in the community.

because it was temporary.
It lacked foundation to stay up more than a few years.
It lacked proper facilities for long term use.
It was popular because it was an intimate atmosphere, and a smaller stadium that was going to sell out so demand was higher.

if Empire were still there, it would be half empty.

Yeah, I was there for several games. Beautiful setting, good job on a temporary stadium, but that's what it was. Porta pottys with huge lineups, having to go outside the stadium for concessions, again terrible lineups. Also, because it was basically just scaffolding, it had to be a small bowl, which meant half the seats were crappy endzones or corners. It was built to last 2-3 years maximum, it wasn't a real stadium.

And your online quote for that is …where?

Its called common sense, 20 years of business experience and 3 successful startups.

It seems pretty likely that five games a week on TV is going to do more business than four games. Though maybe those evil liberal traditionalists are going to keep the league down by insisting TSN only show four games a week. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm firmly entrenched in the "pipe dream" camp, but the quotes in the Metro article that was posted on the previous page make me wonder if there isn't a prospective owner "backstage" somewhere. References to the Ottawa situation make the most sense if there's a corporate partner willing and able to plunk down part of the coin.

Its not for tomorrow but a CFL football size stadium would take roughly 7 to 10 acres and this piece of land is 91 Acres of prime real estate with four acres of shore. There is potential there for roughly 85 acre development, the property taxes alone on that development would cover the “mortgage” on a stadium. The location Is 300 meters from the bridge. 2 km to the industrial park, 3 km from the largest shopping complex in Alantic Canada (Dartmouth Crossing) and 5km from Downtown.

A proper stadium means so much more than just a CFL team now. I said it before it will open the HRM, Nova Scotia and the Atlantic region to be part of more international events. The old thinking was still in during the last couple of chances but that old thinking is changing for many and the Mayor is ready to take a political stance for instead of against.
As that Article read it will be back on the taable in the next few months to see from a public and private sector who is in support of it. That will be one part.
The next part to help fill in some finances is the Corporate National sponsors of the CFL are now on board to invest. That is a stream of revenue that has not been there in the past and if the local private sector sees that National corprorate Canadian is commited to invest some will more likley step into the forefront.
The rest of the CFL front ofooce is also in support and will be there to organize all of this. The owners are also behind this expansion very much also. What they can do to help will be unsure right now but the owners see $$$ signs for a 5th game and a whole other region now interested in watching there team play.
TSB also sees $$$ signs just like it did when it grabbed a whole other province of Quebec within the last 10 years can see the Benefit of having a team with viewers in an untapped region.
TSN has a lot of corporate backing for TV commercials witch drive the profits of the CFL for every game shown on TV. TSN has a lot to gain as not everyone may be able to get to a game they can for sure watch it on their Network.
If there parent company Bell sees this as a big money maker could easily but the naming rights for the only stadium in the entire region.
Te difference and the Key is that the CFL and Cohon are now at the top of the pyramid organizing this and not the HRM.

This is going to happen and sooner rather than later in this case and has been mentioned a 5-10 year timetable makes it sooner as has been mentioned above I could not agree more with that time line. A goal set for a team to hi the field in 2020 would be nice but if it is 2021 or 2022 to ensure the longevity then that would be great as well

There is also this Free Trade deal they are setting up with Europe. Halifax would be an ideal beachhead for European companies who want to break in to the NA market. Halifax needs to rethink itself completely. Things change quickly sometimes.

Good point. The reasons for not needing a stadium or developing an area have changed quickly. If Halifax were to be the beachhead for this that would mean jobs and more people moving into the Area to apply for and fill thses jobs. They will need a place to live as well as some entertainment.
Location Location Location Halifax has it

Time for someone like the Irvings to get on board. The fan base is there. Not sure what city would be "the hub".

Don't need the Irvings. Exxon does not own a ball club. Corporate sponsor yes, naming rights yes, box owners yes but I don't think its fair to expect a corportation to own a ball club. Look at the Jays.... What other team in the CFL is owned by a multi-national ?