CFL gets EVEN MORE sponsors!!!

in the last week or so, have added a Crown Royal vote to win..... AND NOW a West Jet fan draft.

more money, more money, MORE MONEY!!!!!!!

I am surprised they dont get more actually...last few years the CFL has really taken off

And according to the WestJet contest, Scotiabank's now sponsoring the Division Championship games. Again, more ad revenue, courtesy of Commissioner Tom Wright. Choke on that, owners of BC & Montreal (aka Canadian Slapnutz)

u never knew scotiabank sponsoring those playoff games??....thast old news now...they're payin around 2 million a year for that!

I just hope that they leave the GREY CUP name alone.......even though it could bring in millions.

LET THE GREY CUP BE CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah just name it the BC Grey Cup. Keep it simple. :slight_smile:

I am not so sure anymore about not selling the Grey Cup naming rights. I say if the league can get $10M annually, they would be stupid not to.

hmmmmmm argotom..........I think you may be right.....$10M is a million bucks for each team plus a million to the head officel.........part of me would hate to see it.........but........alot of money