CFL get rid of option year w/ NFL

CFL Get out of the option year w/NFL, you don`t need them , stand on your own and and promote CFL aND PLAYERS not the NFL.

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The agreement with the nfl, would work better , if NFL teams intended to keep the CFL starters they pilfer from cfl rosters,MOST CFL,ers end up 4th string or cut.IMHO this helps promote NFL as far superior which it is not - good thread wspidel-

Without this, the CFL would not attract as high of quality Americans in the first place IMHO. And that would not be good.

Mike Sellers, Chris Wilson, Kenton Keith, Jeff Garcia to name a few have done okay.

Also with the money being offered, could you blame the players for trying?

re earl wrote-Without this, the CFL would not attract as high of quality Americans in the first place IMHO. And that would not be good.---------------- I think the Opposite is true Earl, - The CFL has Always attracted and been stocked with High Grade Imports, Even before the nfl,"loan" (which may be --CFL,s legal cost's nfl,s court challenges in mid 90,s--- Players from Fallonee to Dmack signed in CFL before the free agent option year window was established. CFl Gm,s need to sign the "Keepers" long term IMHO

I agree the CFL doesn't need the loan option. However, the prospect of losing key players going into their option years does have an impact on teams. For every Garcia or Keith or Sellers there is a Matt D or Kenton Keith the first time or a Ricky Ray.

If the CFL votes to continue this option. Then make it worth while for the teams. The NFL team should pay the full cost of the salary cost to the team that loses the player. The team then can use that 1 years salary to pay the player if he comes back during the year. So for example: lets say the riders are maxed out $4.05M cap. However, before the season started they lost a player making $150K through the option. The Riders would get $150K, and if the player came back in say Sept they could go over the cap the $150K just to resign him. The next year they would be required to be back down to $4.05M.

Hmmm, you might on to something Mike!

Back in the old days, the NHL used to pay a developmental fee to the WHL, OHL,QMJL, for every player they took. I wonder if such a "Developmental" fee could be set up with the mighty NFL?

I like your idea Mike.....expand it it a little more!

This would be good for sure to get some money from the NFL for sure in these circumstances. It might make NFL teams though think harder about signing a player unless the guy is almost a sure thing to make the team and have an impact otherwise they might say forget it, not worth it. I don't know.

And do you think the CFLPA would be real happy with this? You're potentially restricting a player's ability to sign with an NFL team by adding a condition.

Solid point. A lot of players come to the CFL to have a chance at the 'money' league. How do we accommodate this?

With the option year. :wink:

Again, there's a reason why you never hear CFL staff complaining about it, like some did about opening their books for the salary management system, as a example. It's because they recognize that there are benefits to it.

i agree with CFL admin to a point, When the option year agreement with nfl was initiated, it helped the CFl. 10 years or so ago. BUt now it is time for it to be Adjusted, -Eg- players who stick with nfl team Past the start of CFl season Must stay with NFL team,A developmental fee should be given to CFl team who invested in said player,If a player is Cut between start of CFL season and start of nfl season, CFl team should be payed double players salary as a Tampering Penalty imposed on NFL team, Re Lumsden and Seahwks. Also if said player is injured while playing nfl preseason, should be replaced with a player of equal credentials, to CFL team. CFL = feeder league NOT!!!!

It doesn't need to get to fancy.

Keep in mind this has really doesn't have much of an impact on the CFLPA or any other contractual arrangements. The option year, really is a mis-nomer since there are no guarnteed contracts. All it allows a team to get out of paying any bonsuses that may come due at training camp or otherwise.

The NFL benefits by being able to raid CFL a year earlier if they are looking at players. If they have to wait another year and pick them up as a free agent they would.

I think the CFLPA would pipe in if the CFL tried to ask for compensation from the NFL to sign players in their option year. It doesn't affect every player, of course, because some have no NFL interest at all. But those that potentially do would not like it.

Would the Bengals have signed Kyries Hebert if they had to fork over some coin for him? Arguably not, when there might be some "street" free agents for which they don't have to pay as much. I could see players in positions similar to Hebert's screaming to the CFLPA that they need to speak up on behalf of the players against this rule.

I'd be intereted in hearing a player's take on it.

Hey the NFL has forked over money to the league. In the terms of loans and services. Before the loans and services the NFL couldn't sign players in there option year.

The question I would have to ask then, if you think that Hebert wouldn't have been signed if the Benegals had to pay for him. Then I would ask exactly how serious are the Benegals in the first place. If they aren't overly serious and are using him for an experience body in camp then that causes problems. Because he could come back to the CFL injured and banged up. Hey wait a minute didn't Winnipeg pick up somebody this year who game out of NFL camp all banged up and couldn't play.

CFL teams lose more then what they gain. Even if the NFL had to pay the team, the players' minimum base salary and signing bonsus for going into the NFL are higher then most starters in the CFL.