CFL get off the (polite) " out of mud ASAP

Besides Rouke's injury. His going to the NFL does not need to be carved in stone.
His choice of course.
BTW they should at least TRY and put in place the MLS league STAR exemption. (Not just for BC or paid for by league, which is unfair.)
However, if the franchise wants to offer him a league approved star bonus, it benefits every franchise.

Granted the NFL may offer more, BUT it is TIME NOW to set
COMPENSATION; like 10 million to BC if a team signs him.
There should be EMERGENCY BOG meetings ASAP.

The CFL's biggest problem is the BOG.

Athlete’s want to play on the big stage. They want to make it to the top level.


Franchise player status .... above the salary cap for one player per team would be welcome .

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Athletes want to make the most guaranteed money they can.

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I believe the CFL is in a better financial position to pay one player outside the cap but they might get a push back by the union .

They would need to be talked into it ; that it won't take from the existing or future money .

I'm not a big fan of the franchise player in the CFL. Revenues don't really justify it as most teams are on a shoestring budget as it is now. The only way it works is if outside sponsorship pays for it.

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There are lots of potential problems with this concept. The richer teams could more easily afford such a player. Also, with revenue sharing why should the Bombers or Riders, for example, contribute to Toronto paying such a player.

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yeah I agree. It turns into a slippery slope. Also after Toronto signed the Rocket away from the NFL in the 90's the league started to fall apart financially.

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I guess I should have said I am not talking about a NFL star signing for 5 million more like a current CFL star or NFL player clip boarder who wants a little more cash and wants to play the game .

The CFL learned a lesson with Vince Ferragamo and the Als taking a good CFL team and attempting to win and lure fans into thinking they are watching the NFL and flopping .

But I have to say I did like Fred Biltenkoff , and White Shoes Johnston and before that time period Johnny Rodgers the Ordinary Super Star .

Flutie was also one of those players I was glad came north with a big salary .

So where does this "$10 million" come from?

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I think he was thinking the CFL would get money in compensation from the NFL in terms of 10 million .

I could be reading it wrong .

So it's pure fantasy then.

Yep it's just wishful thinking .