CFL, Genius Sports launch CFL Blitz Picks presented by BetRegal

NEW YORK & TORONTO – The Canadian Football League (CFL) and Genius Sports – the official data and technology partner that powers the ecosystem connecting sports, betting and media – have launched their latest fan-serving initiative: CFL Blitz Picks presented by BetRegal.

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For a guy like me who refuses to gamble it's a little disheartening to see this full fledged dive into the gambling world we've seen in the last couple of years. I suppose that the league can't afford not to join the fray but still. Even the TSN panel is throwing it at us, probably forced to by the sponsors. Just remember, people, who's paying for those magnificent casinos & all that tv advertising. It's you. Gamble responsibly.


Although I’m not much of a gambler either you realize according to the full post this promotion is free?

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When have I ever let let facts spoil a perfectly fine rant? :sunglasses:

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You got me on that one!

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I’ll bet anything that ads will bombard anyone who joins for real gambling.

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I think Ontario is the only province you could gamble through them for real money aren’t they. In BC the only source we have is with the lottery corp with