CFL GCC Standings Week 21 (Final)

Below are the final standings for the regular season CFL GCC. There were two perfect weeks for Aulcee and mini Aulcee, also known as WeGotTheCup.

Congratulations to Aulcee for pulling it out on a tiebreaker for perfect weeks. This week was the only week he led the standings but that was good enough. The title became his when Montreal pulled off the upset of the century. Had Toronto won it would have been mine. A shout out to Papazoola for leading by far the most weeks throughout the season. There is no award for that, however.

With Capital Dave’s assistance I will present the awards we believe Abbey had intended:

Angelo Mosca Award
Aulceefor best regular season record

Abbey Award
HometownFan and Aulcee(tied with 7)
for most perfect weeks

As I said, if there was an award for leading the most weeks that would go to Papa. If there was an award for highest aggregate that would also go to Papa at +657. Maybe we’ll institute these awards next year but the recognition is there for this year.

Abbey also had planned on handing out the Bud Grant Award for the longest winning streak. Unfortunately I did not know this until now so I can’t say with certainty who won that, although Aulcee finished 8-0 the last two weeks so he may very well have been the recipient.

Again, with Dave’s assistance, the pool is not over and the ultimate prize is the Hugh Campbell Award. This will be given out after the Grey Cup game. Only the top 8 in bold are eligible to compete for this award, although if one person does not post then #9 will get in as a wild card. Anyone remains eligible to post for the playoff games and I will start a new thread for the continuation of the pool.

Aulcee 60-18 (7) +620
Jon 60-18 (4) +602
Papa 56-18 (5) +657
SaskWatch 56-22 (5) +578
CFlukb 56-22 (4) +579
Hometown 55-23 (7) +508
Granny 55-23 (5) +456
60YearFan 54-22 (3) +464

WeGotTheCup 53-25 (4) +252 (1st Wildcard)
AlsFan 52-26 (4) +515 (2nd Wildcard)
Maaax 52-26 (4) +484
LucasB 52-26 (3) +540
RichardV 52-26 (3) +392
CapitalD 51-27 (3) +422
RoughRens 51-27 (3) +390
JoeyT 51-27 (3) +304
Danone 51-27 (2) +407
Mahal 50-28 (3) +462
T44 50-28 (2) +318
Schweinhund 49-29 (2) +489
Grover 49-29 (2) +300
Abbey 48-18 (3) +436
AYC 48-33 (1) +303
Bobo 48-33 (1) +205
Porky 46-34 (1) +305
PWolf 45-36 (2) +178
TedT 44-37 (3) +297
IllinoisGuy 41-40 (1) +88
Kav 38-32 (2) +199
Narles 37-40 +35
RCon 33-25 (1) +92

If you notice any errors/typos let me know.


Some fans here with pretty great insights. Congrats.

I copied, cheated sometimes outright lied.... But I finally made 1st
. wildcard (Krazy Krazy applause) I'd like to thank all the great people who got me here (standing ovation) thank you thank you all (mic drop) fade to black.


To think the only thing that drove me every week, my motivation to think, guess, & worry over in my vain attempt at respectability, was to get my participant's ribbon, & now I find out there aren't any! Well!

waddles off into the setting sun, muttering & shaking head


Maybe we’ll have some made for next year.


Or at least one of these badges we seem to get here (sometimes for really weird reasons). That would be ok. (didn't waddle very far, did I?).


Here ya go buddy... Wear it with pride! :smiley: :+1:


Well thanks so much. I will. :grinning:


Just noticed I appear to be missing 2 games from my results. Only 76 games listed and I'm pretty sure I made a guess for every game.

Ya ain't trying to win if ya ain't cheating

Almost forgot your certificate!
Sorry about the amateurish graphics... Short notice. :grinning:


Yeah I tried to explain that a few weeks back. Richard V also noticed it. When I took over for Abbey there were some losses missed at some point, it appears mostly between Weeks 15-17. It affects pretty well everyone in the top half of the standings. All of those missed games can be added to your loss column.

Due to the transition between Abbey and myself I don’t have Abbey’s prior calculations. I would have had to go through all of the calculations for the year for everyone. I am satisfied that the wins and perfect weeks and aggregate (which turned out to be irrelevant anyway for the top 8) are accurate. As the loss number doesn’t matter I just left it slightly off. There are others that did not pick for every game that also adds to the confusion.

For next year GGirl has developed an automated spreadsheet we are now using for the NFL pool so there shouldn’t be any issues of this nature again.

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I didn't even play but in looking upon this thread tonight, and perhaps it's the malaise from the agony of defeat with the NFL picks today still setting in, I found myself strangely proud of you too. Congratulations.

On to that drink after work.


No problem. I appreciate all your effort.

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