CFL GCC Standings Week 19

Once again I am posting the standings for those participants previously “above the line”. I was going to include those “below the line” in these standings, some of whom have been doing well. Unfortunately I need a printer to do that and mine is not cooperating today. I therefore expect to post the rest of the standings tomorrow evening with any luck after I have access to a printer.

Two of you (Grover and AYC) had a perfect week. They are both currently below the line so their record will have to wait a day or two, but congrats.

Jon 54-16 (4) +549
Papa 52-14 (5) +610
Aulcee 52-18 (5) +535
CFluckb 51-19 (4) +520
SaskWatch 50-20 (5) +505
Hometown 49-21 (6) +447

AlsFan 48-22 (4) +486
Granny 48-22 (4) +381
Abbey 48-18 (3) +436
Maaax 47-23 (4) +425
CapitalD 47-23 (3) +411
60YearFan 47-23 (2) +389
RoughRens 46-24 (3) +335
RichardV 46-24 (3) +323
LucasB 46-24 (2) +467
Danone 46-24 (2) +368
T44 45-25 (2) +381
JoeyT 45-25 (2) +259
Schweinhund 44-26 (2) +438
Mahal 43-27 (2) +387

Standings Edit:

I have spent some time reviewing the participants that were below both lines and have come up with their totals, more or less. There may be some slightly out of whack in the loss column but I am confident the win column is correct. It would take too much time to review the loss columns for everyone involved both above and below the lines. Some people have played less weeks and therefore have less total games. Some have dropped out or have only picked once or twice and I am not including those scores either.

As there are only two weeks left I plan to include everyone that is still participating. I will mesh these with the other standings next week.

WeGotTheCup 46-27 (3) +189
Grover 43-30 (2) +227
Porky 43-30 (1) +290
Bobo 43-30 (1) +186
PWolf 42-31 (2) +167
AYC 42-31 (1) +272
TedT 38-35 (3) +180
Kav 38-32 (2) +199
IllGuy 38-35 (1) +123
Narles 34-39 +5
RCon 32-22 (1) +93


Jon's number one!! Jon's number one!!! :partying_face: :anger: :boom:

I'm number ten and if any of you are interested in sending up fireworks in my honor just remember that blue is my favourite colour.

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Thanks Jon. First perfect week for me. I believe we had the same picks so you must have had a perfect week also. Nothing new for you though.

As for being below the line, you are what your record says you are. So, I guess that's what I deserve - to not be listed. Oh well.

Thanks for all the work.


"You're outta line." (is what they usually tell me).

It is purely coincidental that I have taken over the lead during the time I am filling in for Abbey doing the standings :wink:


Although we often seem to have the same picks I didn’t pick Hamilton last week, along with most others. The majority also picked Winnipeg, which you and I didn’t. It’s hard to pick games that involve at least one team playing mostly their backups. There will be a few more of those over the last couple of weeks.

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That would make it much easier to pick a winner

Sometimes, but not always. Most got it wrong last week by picking Winnipeg when based on recent past history it was reasonable to assume they would be resting half their team and not starting Collaros. I find it hard to predict how backups on a superior team will perform. Next week will probably be similar in that Calgary will likely rest players vs Saskatchewan as I expect that they will be locked into third place by the time their game starts. Arguably picking Edmonton and their wildly varying roster is that way every week. The final week may involve games where neither team has anything to play for, which I think will be even more difficult.

Bumping this for standings edit at the top of the thread.


Thanks Jon. That's very considerate of you to include everyone still playing. I wonder if there's an easy way to enter the picks once they're made onto a spreadsheet or some sort of program. And when the results are in, the picks can count themselves? It'd make it easier to keep running totals if this were possible.

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