CFL-GCC / #6


Good on you Bobo for going with the “Dirty? birds.
You along with rpaege and johnny24.

rpaege picked the Dirty birds ?? Well I guess I’m in good company then , considering that he is currently leading the pack in 1rst place cruising along at a 16 - 3 pace . 8) ;D

Dirty birds win you move closer to that rpaege character. ?


Week # 6 Picks

Toronto vs Calgary - CALGARY - Do I need to explain why? Calgary by 14.

Ottawa vs Winnipeg - WINNIPEG - This should be closer than people think but Winnipeg by 7.

Edmonton vs Montreal - EDMONTON - Montreal is doing well for themselves, but Edmonton is simply better. Edmonton by 7.

BC vs Saskatchewan - BC - This is going to be a closely contested game, but in the end, I think BC ecks out a win. BC by 3.

Thank you Abs for running this and good luck to my fellow competitors.

Lets hope we both don’t regret it :smiley:

The Dirty Birds have been playing very well lately, and have beaten two good teams. Adams Jr. is showing great athleticism and solid decision making. The defence has also shown grit and determination. It’s going to be a close game I think.
The Esks, on the other hand, barely beat the Birds in Edmonton when the Birds weren’t playing well, then lost to a VERY good Winnipeg team. A pair of wins vs. the sad sack Lions doesn’t mean much.

Calgary (as much as I hate picking them)
Montreal (hot team and at home)

Calgary - for obvious reasons!
Winnipeg - Jennings is the “wild card” but I don’t think he can save them against an unbeaten team!
Edmonton - but I do reserve the right to be wrong on this one since the larks played them very close in Edmonton
Saskatchewan - It IS BC - Reilly or no Reilly

Mr.Lucky - I’m surprised that you only took the Stamps by 14! :o :o Even the Ticats had a differential of 50 points!

and I look pretty smart right now don’t I :o ;D :wink:

Change my pick


Like srsly, did you travel to 2055 in a flying Delorean to bring back a sports Almanac? :stuck_out_tongue: