CFL-GCC #24 Grey Cup Predictions

Hi All,

Lets get in this on the board.

It’s not normally me doing this but happy to help out so.

I think the finalists are

Lucas 2-0
Aulcee 2-0

Unlucky to
ArgoT 2-0
and PTBO 1-1

So last year in the final we picked a winner and score.
if both people pick the same team then closest score wins it*.

*not sure how closest works so unless someone advises differently
tie breaker 1 Closest to winning difference i.e. result 30-28 would be 2 (closest to 2)
tie breaker 2 Closest on combined final score result 30-28 would be 58 (closest to 58 )

Thanks for another great season and joining in.
Happy after taking the trophy last year to get to the last 8.

BIG THANKS ABBIE for doing this over season.

All of you enjoy the final, may the best team win.

Predictions for everyone welcome

I’m going with
Hamilton TC 20 Winnipeg BB 26

Hamilton 34
Winnipeg 20


HAM - 30
WPG - 13

First thanks to Abs and I hope your recovery goes well And thankyou to those who have filled in and have done a great job.

Bomber of course and they win 28 to 18.

This is such a tough call for me as I’m a fan of both teams. I just hope the weather isn’t a factor.

Based on their record, I’ll have to go with the Ti-Cats, but the Bombers are surging.

'Cats 35 Bombers 34

Hamilton: 33
Winnipeg: 24

Hamilton wins in a route. 33-10

Enjoy it all

i think that makes it simple

Aulcee - Winnipeg
Lucas - Hamilton

may the best team win.

Thanks to all on a great season, from the semi-final, east west final and the Grey Cup at Calgary

Hamilton 20
Winnipeg 29

Winnipeg 31
Hamilton 28

Maybe overtime.

Good with either team winning the Cup glad they met up .

But going with the under dog for fun . Think Zach has one more game in him .

See if he has some magic .

27 - 26 Bombers .

Congrats to aulcee - CFL-GCC 2019 Grey Cup Champion

Congrats to Aulcee and all Bomber fans. Nice to see the drought end.

And thanks to Abendschan for running this prediction thing again this season. It was my first year participating and I’ll be back in next year.

Congrats to Aulcee.
And the bombers great performance.

I think as it stands both them and Hamilton will be challenging next year.
Let’s hope Hamilton end their drought soon.

Stayed awake till the end and survived Monday after just 4 hours sleep before another late one attending the round ball football.

Have a good winter, and see you all next year.

Congrats Aulcee! And many thanks to Abbie and all the other participants. It was a fun season!

Thanks everyone. It’s been alot of fun. I’ve been waiting a long time for that game. A big thankyou toAbendschanand everyone who grabbed the reins when he couldn’t run things. Well done.

Congrats aulcee and thanks to Abby and all participants! :slight_smile: