CFL-GCC - 2020

For next season ideas are open to make the picks by adopting the point spread system, thus perhaps can be used calculated by aggregate with the Vegas odds point spread system. Wins and losses/perfect weeks will still be in progress as the season moves along. the above suggestion has been brought forward for consideration - are there any other ideas to make the Grey Cup Challenge perhaps more interesting?

Great job again Ab for picking up and doing this.
I don’t know, how about a bonus point system for a perfect week and an over and under pick based on total combined game points.
Not sure how you would add each for example, other than 1 extra point for each of these two correct picks?

I’m a fan of adding the spreads. It’s much more difficult to go 4/4 with spreads and keeps more people with a chance to improve their rank.

Rankings and records all stay the same, but instead of straight winners we would be picking against the spread.

Thanks Ab for doing this/managing this.

I vote for keeping it the way it is. For me, simpler is better.

I agree with PTBO Dave. “Keep it the way is is”.


Old people hate change, and I am old
Keep it simple, analytics are just that, anal
Please keep it the way it is

Ab, thanks so much for doing this! 8)