CFL & Gaming Company to sign big $deal$

Been informed the CFL is close to finalizing a major gaming company to expand its partnership with newly legalized betting in Canada.

The deal is reported to be a 2 yr deal which the 1st year in 2021 is a open contract that stipulates the amount of games they play and of course the legalization of gaming in Canada.

The agreement also is based off what the government law states on how non-canadian (off-shore) gaming companies will be affected.

A similar deal with MLB/bet365 allows free viewing of all MLB baseball games if a minimum bet is placed.

This could be a massive revenue stream for the CFL moving forward with 1, 2, or possibly a dozen gaming companies.

A deal like this could bring in approximately $15m-$20m in the first few years.....

Part of the deal the CFL would allow gaming companies to market its sport allowing the usage of logos/players and must contribute daily updates on injuries and produce official stats.


This is very long overdue if this goes through, and the CFL was well behind other leagues on these plans too.

And if it does not work out with this firm, I'm confident there are others interested.

Bet365 out of the UK has made serious inroads in some states here in the US including in New Jersey, so if it is one of those established companies and not the likes of those former so-called Daily Fantasy Sports firms, good on the CFL.

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