Anyone aware if CFL games are available on anay american channels like in new york city

sundsay june 29 hamilton at sask ?



Haven't seen anything this year about NBCSN or ESPN. Last year many of the games on NBCSN were tape dealyed, especially after August. Even the playoff games were tape delayed. also puts the games up on their site, but it is after they've been played. It would be at your leisure to watch, if you can nmanage to not see the score beforehand, lol.

The US TV schedule is usually released just a few days before the season begins.

That used to be a great service that I used frequently. Now, they're pulling a greasy move like Rogers and asking that you provide a cable subscriber before you watch the already aired on demand stuff. I don't have cable so I asked somebody who did and they tried to login but couldn't even though the local cable company was a Bell service.

That's greasy stuff TSN, I didn't think you guys would do things the Rogers way. The service actually hasn't worked as well as it used to after they began playing with the servers a while back.

If you had a Slingbox you could watch anything you have access to at home.

There are always ways to watch a game, links are usually made available on gameday..

We continue to work on an U.S. broadcast agreement for this season. In the meantime, our U.S. fans can catch CFL pre-season action this weekend online at ESPN3.

Click here to watch

It starts Friday with the BC Lions visiting the Edmonton Eskimos at 9 pm ET.

On Saturday at 6 pm ET, the defending Grey Cup Champion Saskatchewan Roughriders host the league's newest team as the Ottawa REDBLACKS play their first ever CFL contest. That's followed at 9 pm ET by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers visiting the Calgary Stampeders.

I don't think our Preseason games will be on

The CFL regular season kicks off June 26th.

And as we discussed on the site - ESPN3 is not a TV channel but on-line only and can only be accessed by subscribers who's internet provider carries ESPN3 -

The new TSN login (to watch VOD) where you have to be a Bell or Rogers subscriber is garbage.

I ask a friend (a Bell subscriber) to login for me and he can’t, because the local Bell hasn’t signed up yet to be a part of the Bell/TSN service. What kinda crap is that?

Also noticed and hopefully we luck in, that the CFL games don’t seem to need the login but everything else does. Not sure why, is that a diss? I don’t know but I’ll take it.