CFL games in Europe

The NFL has a number of games in Europe each year. Given that the CFL 2.0 attempts to scout the world, why not try to play a game in Europe? The soccer fields should be able to accommodate a football field.

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I just don't think the money is there. It would cost a lot to stage such a game, and it likely wouldn't sell many tickets to put towards covering those costs.


Somehow the CFL is on BT Sport, which I am able to access at times via the Pirate Sports Network with its reliable feed amidst yar sharky seas arggggh.

But I wonder who and how many such coverage in the UK draws at all?

All the same given not much else going on in the summer in the UK but for Wimbledon and Formula 1, I wonder how a CFL game at a modest rugby pitch near London would draw after ample promotion?

Chance for International game for Cfl is now gone.
Cfl went around trying to build an international group.
Nfl now has increased international games, reminding everybody who is king.
I figured if the CFL had even the smallest traction in a country, the NFL would dump a game in there to stop any, even the smallest amount, momentum.


I think a way this would work is if the CFL choose to go to countries that the NFL would snub. Like Iceland or Portugal, Denmark or Finland. Don’t go to England, France or Germany where the huge stadiums are, go to the places that are like our places here at home….


Those NFL International Games are so overrated. It's just an excuse for the Euros to get drunk and pretend to be 'Mericans. No European billionaire is going to pay the overinflated expansion fee of 6 billion dollars in US funds.

The Bills in Toronto Series was a failure. The NFL doesn't like to be embarrassed and it will do it can mitigate such disasters like Toronto. The NFL will never come to Canada or to Europe. So don't worry about the Shield. Let them think that it secure the European market. At least with Hockey(NHL), Europeans play the game.

The NFL in Toronto movement isn't exactly dead yet.

Surely someone will come forward with a plan.

If Europe is a lost cause, go to Latin America. Mexico to begin

It would be interesting to give it a go. Mexico City was in the mix prior to COVID so maybe use Mexico to see how it works out and go from there.

It's dead like Will Smith's career. The Pagulas don't want to lose 20% of their fanbase.

You need someone to come up with the money beside a "plan". We all know what Mike Tyson said about plans