CFL gamecasts or boxscores

do any sites carry them. i have been looking at a few that i found that have the final scores of the exhibition games but they didnt have the link for the summary available.…in their CFL section.They have score updates and game recaps.

Slam sports, has game up dates and recaps.

see: the left hand side “SCORES” at the top

FOR THE GAME TONIGHT GO TO the HAMILTON TI-CATS WEB site and you can hear the game on the radio.

This site has a play by play section under FAN ZONE.

how long(after the games end) does it usually take the canoe site to activate the box score link ?

…box score …about 1 hour!

has anyone found a boxscore yet?

the game notes link is now on the front page story…

how about player stats?

ya i saw that one but it just shows the scoring plays.

no, it shows the scoring plays, box scores, and player stats.

are there more stats…QB rushing stats, fumbes, defensive stats, etc.

There will be more detailed stats tomorrow…

im looking for the retun yardage. is there any sites that have summarys that include it?

kick or punt returns? Which team?

YEAST [Hamilton]…got a 72 yard punt return for a T.D. :smiley:

will there be any defensive stats given?

Yes there will

ok thanks

i cant seem to find these stats, are they up yet…where are they?

Click on SCORES [slam sports] at the top left hand side…then click on …box…wrap up…ect… :smiley:

im not seein it

try TSN …the link is in the first post of this thread.