CFL Game Petition

Please sign my petition at It is directed at EA sports to get a CFL game created, it's about time we get one.

I have one from 1999 for PC. Critical Mass may produce a newer game this summer. Critical Mass is owned by T Hellard presidnet of the Stampeders. It was mentioned on another fan board.

The company the produced the last CFL game pc based is Winter Valley Software these is a downloadable demo if you are interested.

Check this out

Geh I jsut saw Jeff Reinbold as the coach for the Bombers, that was kinda disturbing. It sems like a great game, though it would be nice to have one done on a console as well. I'm just getting sick of all the american football games, I am seriously waiting for them to release an american highschool football game.

Yeah, that would be awesome, I'd definetly buy it. As long as it comes out on Xbox or Computer, not just PS2.

A CFL game would be awesome, plus its not just canadians who would buy it, there are many americans who watch CFL in the states too. MAKE A CFL GAME!!!!

I think they should combined it with Madden. This way you don't get hit twice. I think it would increase Madden sales. I don't think a CFL only game would sell that well, well in Canada, but not enough for game makers to invest a ton of money in. They would probably make it with poor graphics like they did with the arena football game. I' am signing that petition.

I wonder if they would make the game realistic by showing all the empty seats in Ottawa. Allright that was a cheap shot.

ya that seems reasonable, im cool with that, replace NFL europe cuz it sucks with CFL.

Heres a bigger petition with more Signatures Pease sign if u want a cfl video game. click link.

373 signatures!

combine the too and you have 379 baby!

Get both petitions going, send them both in, get as many signatures as possible!



i Hope that they have a thing where you can create you our teams and play them in a league. and have Com Vs. Com matches.

also I love it if they had rules opions that you can turen on and off like in NHL 2004. I love to play a game under my Action Point rule and have balls hitting off goal post count as Singles, etc.


You better be able to create a player too.

yeah, that too

Come on lets get 500!