CFL game in the USA

On the Ticat website there's been a lot of talk about the Buffalo Bills playing games in Toronto and how the CFL should play a game in Buffalo.

My idea was that if the CFL wants to play a game in the USA they should play in Baltimore.

It was the one U.S. city that really embraced and supported the CFL. The game could be an exhibition or a regular season game. Of course if it was a regular season game they should schedule it before NFL training camps open.

You could even have the Als be the home team, and just for fun, break out the old Baltimore Stallions jerseys.

I think you're probably right that it would be a popular game, but it will likely be a cold day in hell before the CFL plays another game in the U.S..

i say the argos play the bills in toronto!

If the CFL ever went into a major USA city and they understood the game first, then a real fan would learn about the history of this league, it would be game over for the NFL.

The NFL really doesn't have a good history like the CFL, or NHL.

The NFL is really a league that has maybe a good 15-20 seasons, that's it.

College Football is much, much bigger than the NFL.

what a dumb idea, why the heck would we want the CFL played in the USA, sell our game out? no NFL here and no CFL there lets keep it Canadian, i dont really care if the Americans don't watch our game because i don't watch there's. Two more Canadian teams in the CFL would be nice

I think Memorial Stadium in Baltimore was demolished. I don't think Baltimore has a stadium that could accomodate a CFL-sized field.

Pretty good idea.
My first choice would be in Buffalo as a way to "get even".
Then yes Baltimore would be next.

Playing regular season CFL games in the U.S. could be illegal, if Senator Campbell's bill is approved. The organizers of the game could face 2 yrs in prison and/or fines. Perhaps Ralph Wilson and Ted Rogers will be looking for a bunkmates in the crowbar hotel?

re: argo tom

Playing a game in Buffalo to 'get even' isn't a good idea because who would go to that game? Canadians crossing the border maybe, but I highly doubt Americans would go watch two CFL teams.

The reason I suggested Baltimore was because they already had a CFL team and it was successful. They may still have fans who would be interested in watching a CFL game. (It would only be a one time novelty event so it might work.)

I don't know if Memorial Stadium was demolished or not, but if there's no stadium then I guess there's no chance of this happening.

A CFL game on a postage stamp field would be a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.

So it just isn't going to happen.

The bills games in tawrawno will not work. The people in centre of the universe simply do not watch foot ball. They will not support a losing team they have shown that with baseball.

:thdn: I am going to boycott any business that sponsors that inferior game on Canadian soil!

Not a bad idea. Have CFL teams playing exhibition games against NFL teams. It will be an eye-opener for football fans (especially non-cfl fans) in North America.

In my opinion it is a bad idea. There is just no fair way to play a game like that, given the huge differences in the two games, and it is a no-win scenario for both leagues.

The CFL has nothing to prove to anybody. It is successful without having to resort to gimmicks like intra-league games.

would work in detroit since its just as close to the border as buffalo

They do still have fans who travel to every Grey Cup acting as a presence to remind some, that the CFL most surely worked in Baltimore.

They used to have CFL all-stars play NFL'ers back in the day. Now, though, the two games have evolved so differently, I don't know how you could do it and have it mean anything.

Memorial Stadium was demolished.

Apartments for seniors and a YMCA now sit in its place.

I think I lost some people here. The idea is to have 2 CFL teams play a CFL game in a U.S. city.

I'm NOT proposing a CFL vs. NFL game (too many logistical and political problems with that).

I suggested Baltimore as a better place to play the game than Buffalo because I don't think folks in Buffalo would go. I think folks in Baltimore may be interested because they had a CFL team once and the team drew lots of fans.

The only reason the CFL would play a game in the US, is if they were interested in expanding there. They aren't, so why bother?

The US experiment failed, and it won't be repeated. Broadcast revenue is the only thing they might be interested in, as far as the US goes, and they don't need play there to generate interest in that.

Here's an idea: Let's get some TV coverage down here before trying to play a game down here. If football fans could get a chance to see some of the games that have been played so far this year, a game in the states might actually work. But, not until the building up of a solid US TV fan base.
I remember the disaster of some of those CFLusa stadiums, I think only 2 came close to having the the full CFL field, Baltimore and San Antonio. And I think we are all familiar with Baltimore's success.
So, if you do it, do it right, TV fan base, right city, full size field, and the right timing.