CFL game for Xbox or Playstation

There is only one way to get EA sports to make a game and that is for the fans of the CFL to get together with a group like TSN to get the game made, they have games for the NFL, College and Arena Football, but for some reason the CFL has been left out for years now it is time for all the CFL fan to get together and make our passion for the Canadian game go electronic. It would be nice to see a network like TSN back this, and the League to get on track with this, the money making potential for the league is unbelivaible.Also it would be another way to spark the interest into the CFL.

I'd buy one I'd play the Riders and beat them 16 times in the season!Lol

Na, nobody can beat the Riders!

Let the bashin' begin!

You guys clamouring for a CFL game need to look at Maximum Football. I find that it is a very good Canadian football sim, with CFL player rosters and pics, and fan created logos, uniforms and even stadium replicas for the CFL. Unlike Madden mods, the game has built in CFL rules, a Canadian sized field, singles, and 12 men. It is not graphically Madden, but the designer is really committed to the game and Canadian football. Check it out!

The CFL would have to do something that WILL NEVER HAPPEN… and that is to pay EA to make the game… They could go partners on a game much like the NHL and NBC do on coventional TV in the states…
I know for sure David Brayley would refuse to even spend one dollar of his own money on a game… not realizing that for every dollar invested THE RETURN WOULD BE TENFOLD!!!>
THE CFL WILL NEVER HAVE A VIDEO GAME PERIOD…until idiots like Brayley are no longer part of the BOG.
NOW PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop posting subjects on video games…CAUSE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
If the CFL took the increase they recieved in TV money this year and invested it into a video game…they could make the greatest sports video game of alltime…HOWEVER…THEY WILL NEVER DO THIS…CASE CLOSED. WHY…CAUSE THEY"RE MORONS…that’s why.

The CFL wouldnt even be here today if so called idiots like Braley were not involved. No one on here knows the financial numbers that they would have to do to make it viable.

Bobby 100,000 units to break even. EA won't touch a game if its only going to break even or make them a little money. Its a waste of resources. They'd want to make a game where they can sell at least 300,000 plus. Those figures are from a few years ago so they might need to sell more now.

I have a real hard time believing that a CFL video game couldn’t/wouldn’t be a profit maker!

But, then again one could argue that if it were that easy there’d already be one!

I wonder if they can just take the existing engine for madden and turn it into a CFL game with minor mods. Then just sell it in Canada only. Or since 2K sports lost the NFL license to madden, they could make a CFL game too.