Yes again, going over time and into overtime.
What if there is a shootout, more delay. We could end up missing an entire quarter.

I guess a season opener in hockey is more important than a race for first in Football

What if the shoe was on the other foot. Would TSN stay with the CFL at the expense of the NHL?

I believe they would.
Realistically, what will cause fans more outrage--miss the beginning of the football, or the end of a hockey game, especially one in OT.

Now should TSN do a better job of scheduling?
I hope they at least delayed the kick-off...
Stupid Habs....

Anyone no if the game is online?

The end of one game is or should be more important then the beginning of another.

i agree with the decision to stay with the hockey is standard to stay with one game until its done, unless its a blowout.

my habs were winning 4-2 when i turned it on...oh well.

yeah, fell asleep on the face-off on that 4-3 goal. stupid. :x

How is TSN supposed to do a better job os scheduling? They dont schedule either the NHL or the CFL

Most leagues have it in their contracts that you have to play the whole game since the Heidi Game.

END QUOTE (stupid idiots)

What they should not be doing is scheduling any other game 2 1/2 hrs before a CFL game. Nor should they schedule a MLB game that is likely to go more than 3 hrs in front of a CFL game. They should know what is likely and allow for that, plus plan for 1/2 hr in between. At the very least, they should have programmed for one of the 7:00 pm games instead of a 7:30 game. If not possible, then they just should not have had hockey tonight. There is lots of hockey for them to show at other times, and so little CFL. Strictly assinine ignorance on their part.

Most leagues do adjust their schedules at the behest of TV networks.
In this case, it may not have been TSNs fault. I didn't see the hockey, but if there were any opening night ceromonies, it is tough for TSN to account for the kind of thing.
Then they got OT and a shootout.

But even so, they could have asked the Lions to delay the kick-off a few minutes--which has been done many times in the past.

Anyway, it isn't always the broadcaster at fault, but there have been many, many times in the past where just a modicum of foresight would have prevented any potential conflict.

...I'm not sure you could delay a kick-off that clsoe to the scheduled time, what with fans streaming into the arena and all....

If the hockey game had been in Montreal and not Buffalo they may have been able to ask for it to be played at 7.
Otherwise, they have a bit more say in the scheduling of CFL games... the football game could have started at 10:30 ET.

they might have delayed 5 minutes, but not over 20. Ya just cant ask the fans in the stands to wait that much longer.

Actually I was listening to the opening of that NHL game in my car from the sports station in Buffalo and they said most weekend games are started a half an hr later and that 'Canada' got them to re-schedule the game earlier, and they were none too pleased about it either lol.

I understand you can't have an unscheduled delay that is over maybe 10 minutes, but it has been done.
And 10 minutes in this case would have been quite a bit.
Or even schedule the game for a 10:15 EST kickoff just in case.
All I am suggesting is, they do have options.
On the other hand, networks have been better at these things than in the past, and I suspect we will never again see "Heidi interuptus" or Dave Hodge flipping his pencil in the air....

I believe showing one game to its conclusion at the expense of another game is something we all have to live with, its not the first time this has happened , and certainly wont be the last.

TSN , replayed the game at 12:30PST , so I stayed up to watch the part they missed earlier. And guess what , they SCREW THAT UP TOO! and start the replay at the same point where they started the game earlier instead of at the beginning of the game. Have you guys at TSN got your heads up your ***** or what????

But why do they have move it along so slow at the end when the hockey game was over and show replays , interviews , blabbing etc.??