CFL Gamblers

I'm curious as to whether any on here wager on CFL games.

By wagering I mean betting real money with accepted pointspreads coming into play.

I do and if there are others ( and if it is allowed here) perhaps we could share our selections/rationales as the season goes along.

Here are the Grey Cup odds

That is not my question slimJim.

He means individual games. Not the Grey Cup.

Yet I am glad you brought it up. How can they come up with odds on the 2016 Grey Cup when we have not even played the Pre-Season yet ?

We can figure it out here as the season goes on.
Regardless if it is a rational debate or name calling insults, I say every person on this forum is smarter than all the so-called experts anyway. Here that Rod Petersen ?


Canada is supposed to allow single game betting some time in the future?

I would like to attend a game in Hamilton, Toronto or Ottawa and once you are in the park, go to a betting wicket to place a 10, 20, 50, 100 dollar wager on the game. Or expand to the other games that will be played in the league that week. Ontario Lottery Corporation would need to sanction this and for the other provinces they would need to do the same. BoDog or similar could set the spread. I can't see a problem with it these days. CFL should take the lead as I think it's time has come. The other leagues are all US based and probably could not agree and could not get it started.

It’s up to the provincial government to allow single game betting. Nothing the CFL can do.

Seem to recall it falls under the Feds (Criminal Code??) and that there have been a couple of single game bills die on the order paper) although run by provinces

Vegas posts odds for the next year the day after every NFL/MLB/NBA championship.

They offer the odds they need to offer to get relatively equal betting on all teams (bookies make money off the "vigorish" not by picking games).

Good bookies prey on the predictable, "favourite team bettors", not the analytical bettors; odds will be adjusted as needed as seasons progress.

I've always been a strong advocate for legalizing sports betting as a means to increase government revenue.

Unfortunately, that's never going to happen anytime soon - - organized crime stands to loose too much and they'll "lobby" against any kind of government legalization.

Well in a sense they do have it already via sports select, though there definitely seems to be opportunity lost. Even a sports select / loto station in facility would likely do well, but the store across the street(ish) from several venues likely does pretty well on game days. I wonder if a factor in not licensing it in facilities is concerns it might hurt 50/50 sales, which obviously the teams and those that get a portion of it via that half would dislike.

I wouldn't want it in the stadium. Feels like it cheapens the sport- similar to having ads plastered everywhere. I know they're needed but I don't want to keep going further that way.

It never ceases to amaze me how often the topic or question originally posted never gets addressed.

12 replies and not one addresses the simple question originally asked.

If you go through the majority of posts on this board it seems that very few address the original topic.

Very hard to share opinions/ideas here.

Anyway I'm going to assume here that the answer is no to my original question.

I do not bet myself.

Those who do or want to start can try

Sorry, just going with the chain....personally I have and never will make wagers on sports other than casual bets with a few friends, generally surrounding booze. I do like to gamble, but won't on sports...even though I would love to. With the booze bets I don't really see it as gambling per say, because you end up sharing a nice bottle of scotch or such.

not sure anyone is interested but here are the lines for the games this week:

Toronto: -4 over Hamilton

Winnipeg: -2.5 over Montreal

Edmonton: -6.5 over Ottawa
Calgary: - 3.5 over BC

Yes, I try to play Pro-Line every week, Over/Under being my game of choice. Would be great with five games on the slate (Atlantic Schooners just waiting to play), but four games per week even at $2 wager, still returns $15 or more if you get them right. I think its fun.

Those who always bet the favourite were big-time losers.

BTW, re the original post, I have never bet money on a sports game. Hard to believe from the guy who runs the VGCC. :slight_smile:

Yup...books did well.
majority of bettors got killed

experienced players did OK