CFL Futures Program Announced

Another thing announced at Grey Cup week today isCFL Futures.

Nice to see the league working with Football Canada and guys like Geroy Simon to hopefully get more kids participating in Canadian football.

Good initiative, getting more kids to play the game on any form will hopefully also help create interest in the league/local team.

CFL 1.0 is still a thing!

I wish something like this had been around when I was a kid. I managed to play quite a bit of schoolyard pickup ball, even bugging my dad to buy me a real football, but any kind of organized ball wasn’t available, and our family wouldn’t have been able to afford the proper equipment even if it was. So, I played baseball instead, but even that was subject the availability of adult volunteers, which sometimes meant disbanding a team in the middle of the season, which happened to one of my teams. That summer in Edmonton really sucked and I’m sure was what put the idea of leaving my head.

So, yeah, keep kids around by providing opportunities for them to play and learn. They’ll thank you for it for the rest of their life, and some will pay it forward by helping the next generation.