CFL Future

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Looking good for Toronto Argos.

this article should be shoved into the faces of all those idiots who say ignorantly "the CFL is gonna fold some day anyway" or something else really stupid!

a good read. thanks for sharing.

Thanks backer. I appreciate you posting this on the main boards.

A couple other good reads. One is a Q and A with Mark Cohon, the other is with respect to the great television numbers.

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Thanks indeed! The CFL is in a unique position to be able to work things out locally here in Canada and work with Canadian partners without having to worry about what's going on say in a city like Phoenix that doesn't get the Canadianisms in the first place ie. why would you even want to deal with a small city like Moncton when there are potential larger cities in the US, some owner down south might say if they had a team in the league.

For the first time In a long time, the Future and current time looks great. were all so happy about it, we can't stop talking about it. I hope we can balance out, and enjoy what we have now as much as we are ready to enjoy 2014 when the new deal is there and so is ottawa.

CFL has to be aggressive.
Be on the offense as far as its future.
They can't cower in fear of the big bad NFL coming to Toronto.

And surprised Quebec City wasn't mentioned as a potential franchise?
If you ask me they would be a CFL gold mine.
And give the Als a provincial rival.

The only issue with going to Q.C. is both them and the als would need the french players to be a fan success. im not sure theres emough franko players to go around right now.

I agree with you.
The best possible city available, it would be like the old Habs-Nords days.
But the problem is no one in QC wants to step forward to be an owner and there is no political will to build a new or even expand the U of Laval stadium.
Hockey, hockey, more hockey and the mega million taxpayers arena is the only willingness.

It's weird, you would think with a city the size of QC they would want to have a decent stadium for football and soccer and to host events. I mean if they ever did get the winter Olympic Games which I think they toyed with at one time there, are they going to hold the opening and closing ceremonies in an arena? That would be an embarrasement.

Well the Journal de Quebec doesn't seem to like football much, under sports here are the links, in this order. They don't even have a pro baseball or basketball team and these are listed first! Weird unless they are basing it on what they they think their readers want, or maybe just editorial bias, don't know. Or maybe they are just jealous Montreal has a team and stadium and they don't, again don't know.

Baseball - Basketball - Hockey - Plein Air - Rouge et Or - Les Capitales - Remparts - Encore Plus

Like this article, quick to point out Fortin isn't interested in the CFL because the salary is too low to what he can make as an MBA, which I suppose is fair enough albeit guys have done both, played in the CFL and also continued with their schooling I'm sure.

Le salaire de la LCF ne vaut pas un MBA┬╗ - Marc-Antoine Fortin

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At any rate, as I mentioned, if they want the Winter Olympics then they sort of need a stadium as a hockey arena for the ceremonies would be on the smallish side.