CFL Fumbles opportunity takes down a 14 year old youtube

I posted this originally in the Hamilton section of the of the form
But I wanted to let other fans in the league know the injustice that has been done to a young 14 year old fan.

This young fan has been putting together YouTube highlight reels
On YouTube and I've been doing a fantastic job.
Well the CFL and YouTube played the Grinch to this poor young man
And took down his page.

The CFL just blew up huge marketing opportunity by not embracing this young man
They're wondering how to appeal to the youth. And this kid was doing that
Yes he only had a thousand followers. But if they would have left him alone the channel would have grown because of the excellent work the young kid is doing

Instead the CFL played Grinch and apply for copyright strikes against this young man
With the third strike YouTube removed the channel.

The CFL has to learn to Market and they could have used this young man's ideas
The CFL should apologize to you this young man return his YouTube channel
And bring him to Toronto and let him tour CFL HQ and TSN

Embrace young people who are enthusiastic about our league
Don't chastise them and push them into the arms of the four down leagues
We have something special if we don't get the youth involved
But our legal die


Well for the cfl wants to get the younger generation involved this is not the way to do it thats for sure. What they need is youngsters like this to promote the league not bash it. The commissioner really screwed the pooch on this.


Leave it to the CFL to drive fans towards the NFL with this type of nonsense.


“you lowly football scum fans are not allowed to have usable advanced stats or even past game video. go to the measly weak NFL if you want such trivialities with your football.”


I have not had much respect for the league office for years now. This is just more reason to have no respect for them at all.


Props to Jaelon Acklin for weighing in on this. I hope more CFL players let their voices be heard.


yea that’s awesome.

seriously bush league move by the CFL i’m afraid.


So the leagues own home grown content is crap and here’s this 14 year old bustin his arse (where he became an actual fan) and built a channel that other fans and even active players followed to get their CFL content and the league, instead of reaching out and helping him, puts up the roadblocks and halts not only this young man’s great work, but has likely lost him as a fan. (Not to mention a great conduit to get more younger fans exposed to the game).
Yet again, the league office can’t get out of the way of themselves to succeed


Can't fault any of these fans for following the NFL.

It's even worse when he's from Vancouver where there's more of a need of younger fans now more than ever.


Wow, how tone deaf of the leauge. It's the modern version of local television blackouts. That was supposedly a lesson learned, guess not.

It's not too late for them to reverse course on this. I'm guessing it's some silly legal thing that involves team TSN though.


This kid was tailor made for the league... exactly what they need and want.

The smart move would have been to pay the kid to keep going. Or offer him comp tickets and tell him to bring friends to the games. Really, anything positive would have been great.

But that would be the obvious and smart thing to do, so naturally the morons in the league office did the opposite.

And they wonder why the league is struggling...


All well said here!

The league went full Scooby-Doo Villain on "that damn meddlin' kid" or they would have gotten away with ...wait, they aren't providing such compelling content!

Let me guess, typical high and mighty corporate here, "we'll hire a 'consultant'" or "we have Genius Sports to figure this all out already you know."

Insert lame bro-tastic golf clap in the board room now!

Ol' Ebeneezer Scrooge and Scrooge McDuck both would be so proud!


same group that thought it would be a good idea to edit out Dane Evans from our videos and put Bo in his place.

CFL is complete bush league.


They didn't seriously do that, did they?

sure did.

Dane is still a member of our team. I can't imagine that went over well. Whatever. CFL has always been a bit daft when it comes to social media presence.

really, the Cats, or the CFL, should just hire @Ticatfan94 as their social media director.


i think they did that with stills, not actual video footage.

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Wow. That's completely classless.

they do that with NHL player photos when they’re moved to a different team.

they used stills to edit out Dane, within existing video footage of Dane throwing to Cats receivers.

the video is the Bo Levi Signing thread on our Cats board.

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This looks like a no brainer bone head move by the CFL - there must be more to it. It must be a complicated situation that the CFL realizes they need to fix.

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