CFL Friendly Bar?

Is there a CFL friendly bar here in Ottawa. It would be nice to get together with some CFL fans to watch some games this season...and the REDBLACKS next year.

Local Heroes is owned by a former Rough Rider, so that's a pretty good bet. They are huge Senators supporters too, mind you, so if there's some scheduling overlap you might be out of luck.

Who is the owner?

It was founded by former Rider Mark Kosmos in 1981. I have no idea if he still owns it.

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An article on bankrupt; however 2 sports bars are still open an individually owned.

Wow, I did not know that. I thought the place was very popular. Always a good crowd when I'd go. Maybe it was mismanaged.

What I understand; the sports bar was founded by the Rough Rider player and thus expanded to four locations and now only two remain open with 2 different owners. One of the 4 closed its doors and the one in the article is in bankrupt.

A new sports bar just opened up in the market called "The Senate" at 33 Clarence st. I've been 6 or 7 times to watch not only CFL but other sports. They are also involved with the RedBlacks I have been there and seen Jeff Hunt come in. The owners plan on organizing group bus packages to the RedBlacks games where we all sit together. Great food and cheap beer on game days.

I usually go to Local Heroes on Clyde Ave. on Friday nights for wings. I go there to watch NHL and CFL games. They always have all the CFL games on.

I've played gigs at Bass Line Station and they had CFL games on...

Go to "The Senate sports tavern" It is by far the best place to watch any game. :thup:

I've heard of this place. I'll check it out. Thanks!

I was at the Senate yesterday not to crowded right now but when the Sens play or any Ottawa home team plays it gets packed. If your interested they have a thing going where they plan on getting about 60 of us to go to the RedBlacks games by boat up the canal. You can ask the bartender to sign you up with their season ticket group that will all be sitting together for home games too. They can give you the details. Should be fun.

Hey, that does sound like fun. So drinks at the Senate and a boat ride to the game. Hilarious!