CFL Free Agents:

Rob Hitchcock-S
Mike Morreale-SB
Terry Vaughn-SB
DeVonte Peterson-DE
Airibin Justin-DB
Matt Robichaud

Mike O'Shea-LB
Tony Miles-WR
Damon Allen-QB

Doug Brown-DE
Kelly Malveaux-DB
Obby Khan-C

Ben Cahoon-SB


A.J Gaas-LB
Ed Hervey-WR

Kitwana Jones-LB
Jackie Mitchell-LB
Omarr Morgan-DB

Jermaine Copeland-WR
John Grace-LB(released already)

Please add to the list. Keep it organized with your posts, so we know what team they play for and what position.

The Toronto Star's list of Argo free agents (as of Feb. 15/07):

Damon Allen QB
Spurgeon Wynn QB
Chris Hardy DB
Kenny Wheaton DB
Jon Landon OL
Eric England DE
David Azzi WR
R Jay Soward WR
Jerome Davis OT

An Argo fan

These are the Winnipeg free agents as per another site although i dont think its entirely accurate…

Troy Westwood
Chris Cvetkovich
Jon Oosterhuis
Doug Brown
Kelly Malveaux
Anthony Malbrough
Ike Charlton
Shawn Gallant
Brad Banks
Chris Brazzell
Mike Abou-Mechrek
Stanford Samuels
Graham Bell
Scott Regimbald
Ron Ockimey
Obby Khan

The Cats only have 4 Free Agents…

Mike Morreale
DeVonte Peterson
Airibin Justin
Matt Robichaud

Hitch and Vaughn are not.

Although they're probably both in option years that haven't been picked up yet.