CFL Free agents now in the NFL

This has to be one of the busiest off seasons in the CFL with all the changes going on from the expansion draft in Ottawa to coaching changes around the league and the Free Agency market but also I don't think I have seen a year before where so many ex-CFL players have signed on with NFL teams as in this off-season.

I know the Tiger-Cats have a few ex Cat players who are in the NFL like Hickman with Indiana, Williams with Chicago, Thigpen with Miami and McIntyre NY Jests but now add the recent free agents and ex-CFL players to that list and just within the past two weeks.

Montreal OL Michael Ola now with Miami
Toronto WR Dontrel Inman Now with San Diago
Hamilton LB Simoni Lawrence now with Minnisota
Winnipeg WR Chris Mathews now with Seattle
Sask WR Weston Dressler now with Kansas City
Sask RB Kory Sheets now with Oakland
So on...

I guess the NFL has really started to look at the CFL as more than just a junior league and more as a professional league that produces quality players and I'm sure we will see more movement like this in the future, good or bad?

As of now,10 2013 CFL players have signed with NFL teams; the 4 added to the list are:

Calgary LB/DB Derrius Brooks to New Orleans.
Calgary DE Corderro Law to San Diego.
Edmonton LB Damaso Munoz to Tampa Bay.
Winnipeg LB Hanoc Muamba to Indianapolis.

To me,the biggest losses are:

First: Hanoc Muamba,sonce he was/is a very good player and a Non-Import. Huge loss for Winnipeg.

Second: Saskatchewan Weston Dressler and Kory Sheets. While it is easier to replace Imports, these 2 players represented a good portion of Riders offence.


I say it is good,
Sure we lose great players, but it will open options for NFL cuts to want to come and excel in our league,
knowing that it could lead to signing with a NFL team.
I would think the club option part of a standard CFL contract is going to be removed in the new CBA.(1+1 min. contract)
Scouting is an extremely important part of football,
I guess the more FA's you lose is a credit to your scouting staff.