CFL Free Agents how does it work there?

New fan, and was wondering if you get cut on the final few transactions before the season what happens to those Free Agents? Do they have any practice squad opportunities with the same team in case of injuries or are they effectively done until someone picks them up? I've been following Kenneth Dixon, American RB. He just got cut from Toronto and was just wondering what the possibilities are for him, since he has been in Toronto since last December when he was signed.

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…sorry for your friend, but when you’re cut that’s usually it for many players, you truly are a ‘free’ agent…practice squad opportunities are invite-only for players who didn’t make the squad, and can somehow afford to live on the measly wage a PS player makes, but there are only so many positions… a lot of players if given the choice opt not to sit on the PS roster and instead try to find another team that’s in need of their specialty…unfortunately for your friend most teams will be set in their key positions by now…he’d almost have to hope another RB gets injured real quick and he made enough of an impression during his time in Argo camp that the other eight teams know of him…

…it’s not easy for sure, but your buddy is probably homeward bound most likely..


Practice roster is 10 players. Select cuts are offered a PR spot. They may not be announced for an extra day because the players are usually given a few hours to decide if they accept.

Practice roster players do not belong to the team. They can be claimed by any other team at any time so long as they are added to the regular roster (although I think the team they are practising with may keep them if they wish to add them to their own regular roster thereby 'blocking' the claim, but I'm not sure about that). There is also an unwritten rule that teams agree to not 'raid' another team's PR so it happens super rarely.

This year because of quarantine rules for players entering the country there is an extra 5 man list of foreign players so that each team has a few extra imports to use should they need one and can't wait for a new player to quarantine).


The CFL doesn't have the waiver system for free agents like the NFL, but other than that FA is pretty much the same in both.

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I appreciate the responses guys. Just wondered how it all worked in the CFL.