CFL Free Agent watch overlooked players

Dunk has listed a top 20 but there are some key players overlooked.

Sam Giguere and Bakari Grant - Both less overlooked but not enough space in top 20 for everyone.
Marcellus Bowman - Key LB for Winnipeg 2010-2012. Injuries and Some great competition has left him as an odd man out. Bombers in need of Mike/Will LBs. With Wild leaving for the NFL they are left with only 3 LBs with no experience. Could be a steal.
Greg Wojt National OL - Season ending injury leaves ? marks. 2010-1014. 2011-2013 all star OG ability to play RT in a pinch.
Marc Dile- RT/LT 3 seasons in NFL TC and PRs. 2012 18 starts RT 2013 9 starts LT/RT. Injuries in 2014 as well not an Austin recruit. Could be another steal International OL with starting experience.

Spencer Watt National WR- Not a lot of stats for a Field side WR. Also overlooked with a load of rec talent. Has been as good as any rec at his position as main starter from 2011-2014.
Sir Vincent Rogers International OT- Injuries his SR year at Houston lingered to start his pro career before getting back on the map in AFL in'13 Utility RT/LT '13 Argo's. '14 Starting LT allowed Argo's to trade Washington. Has been injury free for 2 seasons including full AFL and half CFL '13 season.

Rod Williams CB - came right to the CFL from Alcorn St in 2010. Quickly became a starter and '11 and '12 All Star Lockdown CB in EDM. NFL TC final cuts in '13. Quietly returned to the CFL with the Riders anchoring the Boundary side CB spot for GC run and 2014 season had his best season statistically. Still in his prime at just being 28 for the upcoming season. WIN, BC, TOR, OTT, all rebuilding defenses. All in need and all likely looking to have $$$ available at that position.
Brandon Boudreaux DE- Another CFL DE that quickly hit the NFL Radar but has yet to sign. Right from Troy NCAA to CFL in 2012. Not really overlooked but awaiting an NFL fit.
Sam Hurl National LB. Great rookie season in '12 as Teams player and Package LB. Injuries and crowded '13 GC roster push kept him off the roster. Part of 3 young LB that filled Mike/Will positions. Still a lot of career left. At the very least will be a top Teams player that every team needs as part of their 20 National roster spots. Has already been a great packaged in LB. Still solid back up and/or starting potential. Just getting his feet wet as a starter in a defense that was transforming its style.
Josh Bartel National P- Aussie punter with unique skills. With expanded rosters and more international Place Kickers in the league, Bartel still considered a National will be a good second half of kicking team as a P allowing for PK to concentrate on main duties. More room on the National roster to carry a both a kicker and Punter.

Chris Rwabukamba DB- Coming out of NCAA Duke as a starting CB really broke out last season in EDM as a Safety in Chris Jones defense with flexible interchangeable skill set. After '11 rookie season in Hamilton. '12-'14 has seen plenty of time on defense as a CB and S. Is among a group of National DBs that have the ability to play CB or Safety at a starters level. Flexible and experienced now to fit on any team. As a starting Field CB, Starting S, or ever growing important spot as a flexible Backup/package/ST DB on the National part of the roster. Evolving defenses with full rotating DTs, DE's, and different packages of players at LB/DB. Defenses need at least 16-17 players on defense to be effective.

Keenan MacDougall S/WillLB/Teams- After 3 season's now he has now solidified himself as a top National Role player. Solidified himself as one of the CFLs top Special Teams player. Has been a key backup/package S. In 2014 he added to his resume ability to play WillLB as well. Whether a team is starting a National or International at safety. Having a solid National Backup/Package is important to have. Stamps having 3 such players under contract. With 24th overall pick Adam Thibault brought along slowly likely to be the Gunner now and potential to play CB as well. Being a Sask guy, he would be a perfect fit as they were depleted in '14 through the expansion draft and FA of most of their National D content including Newman and Butler. There should be other teams as well with interest in his skill set.
Edwin Harrison International OL. Since signing with the Stamps in '10 after '08 and '09 with the Chiefs TC and PR has been a big part of their Oline. As a starter and key backup playing both LT/RT. Only dressing for 4 games in 2014. He was on the 46 man roster for 12 games and the post season. Has twice started seasons on 9 game IR before being activated for second half of the season when injuries hit. Stamps all star LT Stanley Bryant hitting the FA market could likely go to the highest bidder. Harrison could likely be back depending on if one of the young National Olineman can step into the LT spot in either or both roles or another CFL or NFL LT FA can fill the roles.

Brian Brohm QB- After being cast aside by the NFL he has revived his career the last two CFL season's. Unlike many former NFL QBs of his status he came prepared, in shape, and taking the right steps. '13 in Hamilton on the IR as the Scout QB he got plenty of snaps in Practice. Highly recommended by Danny Mac who moved from Scout with the Cats to the Bombers Staff as Asst GM and US head scout. The trade was made. Learning from Macmanus, Austin, Burris, and Pierce he is back on the NFL Radar and quietly has become one of the few CFL QBs will draw interest in FA able to use his overall QB experience and transfer it to the CFL.
Dunsia Dunn DB- Immediate impact as a two year player for the Bombers as a starter. Undrafted FA in Cardinals 2011 TC. Surprisingly not a lot of news on him available. A favorite of former BBs HC and Argo's DC Tim Burke, Argo's could be where he is headed. Able to play multiple positions and teams. At 26-27 he is in his prime. Have not heard of any NFL interest but at a speedy 5'9" is a gunner as well. So would be considered a Special teams prospect if NFL is interested.
Dan Knapp International OL- played TE and OT at Arizona St. '12 NFL PR '13 final NFL cuts signed by Bombers in Sept. 6'4" 285 best pro position seems to be OG and played well when he did play in '14 at OG. Would need to find the right CFL situation where an international OG would be used.

Joe Eppele National OL- injury could be career ending if not break out year in '13 as starter for Argo's
Alexander Krausnick National OL- '11 draft pick has been a career back up so far.
Jason Pottinger National LB/Teams- Former starter. after injury reinvented his career as a top Teams player
Wallace Miles International Rec- Signed with Bombers in '12 after NFL final cuts in his rookie season. Was a highly thought of project player with BBs. selected by Ottawa expansion draft finished with 700plus yards rec in 2014. Having a couple other young receivers under contract and looking to add more experienced receivers may just not be in Ottawa's plans but should land somewhere. Maybe back in WIN.
Moten Hopkins International DT- was on the rise in Montreal before being taken in the expansion draft. Ottawa's strengths was with young National DLine. He could be headed back to Montreal.

Pascal Bailargeon National OL- finishing just his 3rd CFL season still will have interest as a National OL commodity. Signing Blake and the upcoming draft. Likely looks like he will land somewhere else.

Ricky Schmitt international P- Journyman punter with huge leg and huge year with the Riders in 2013. Signed with BC in 2014 but was released after season. Not sure why he was released that early but aside from flipping the field as a punter was great big leg for deep Kick Offs. Would go well with a National FG kicker who is not much on punting or Kick Offs.