CFL Free Agent tracker 2019

I will agree it’s healthy for the league, but only 20,000 a game for the lions isn’t healthy, 35,000 is what that franchise should be aiming for, how ever the lions will never reach that average probobly with over priced tickets, the lower bowl at bc place holds 27,000 But it ain’t the NFL so people won’t pay big ducks for end zone seats, they need to redo they seating layout

Have both bowls open how ever the top bowl have the end zone seating for advertizing but it’ll make twice the number of great seats, the lions will never have good attentince unless they open up the upper bowl and change there prices period.

…and the Eskimos reload with an exclamation mark…Harris and Ellingson to the evil empire…

It would help if the league could bring the games back to under 3 hours again.

super happy we got Reilly back.

somewhat bummed that Harris went to Edmonton

would rather not have Carter with the Lions.

poor poor Ottawa

Hamilton must be smiling to some extent, who’s their competition in the East?

And yes, I realize they still have to play the games but the other three teams don’t appear to have a bonafide starter.

Saskatchewan Roughriders sign DL Micah Johnson.
Johnson reportedly becomes the highest paid defensive player in the entire league. (for now…Jefferson may take that title away from him soon…).

Adam Bighill previously held that title at $250K but apparently Johnson’s contract is for even more. Great player and all, but that amount is surprising. Jefferson might push the bar even higher.

The Bombers land the top defensive free agent in the league. Willie Jefferson now a Blue Bomber. Should make for an interesting Banjo Bowl this coming year.

The only question now is, did he get more money than Micha Johnson got form the Roughriders?


A huge shift west for talent. If the money is the same across the board, then what is it luring these players west?

if the league is competitive and the Lions are winning it should be pretty good crowds for BC. Good draw for the other parks also when they are in town

GM’s know the cap is going to increase. Much more then we think they will

Agreed, the landscape has completely changed and again the west is far superior to the east.
Looks like the Cats in a cake walk to win the least!

Agree with you.
The cap for the players will increase substantially.
Like all boats rising with the tide, the minimum amount must also go up to at least $75k.

Zach Collaros re-signs with the Riders for 1 year.

To me this suggests this is plan B or more likely C for the Riders.

With a one year deal and hopefully a good injury free year, Zach can be the big fish in 2020. He was in a big pond this year.

Int. S Taylor Loffler has signed a two-year deal with the Alouettes,according to Farhan Lalji.


Better chance of a ring? The West does seem to always have the better teams. Could also be that 4-5 West teams appear well run, while in the East, 2. That is the reason I could explain it. If offered the same money, I’d rather go to the West than Toronto/Montreal

Sorry,I made a mistake last night; hence, Taylor Loffler is a Nat. player and not Int.


Cats took JaGared Davis from Calgary. That’s a nice upgrade to our D-line depth!

Now there’s rumours that the Argos are looking to bring Travis Lulay to Toronto. I guess Ricky Ray must be retiring, and the Boatmen need another injury-prone QB whose past his prime.

I don’t what the problem is with Toronto, but it’s rarely been able to develop its own QBs. I might be wrong, but as far as I can remember the team’s successes in the last 25 years or so have all been with a QB they got from another team. Now that Ray is at the end of his career, the Argos are going to be hard pressed to be successful again if they can’t get a bona fide healthy starter from somewhere. It doesn’t look as if it will be this year.

There’s always. Kevin the rifle Glen??

In the past 25 years, only three teams (Calgary with Garcia, Dickenson and Mitchell, Edmonton with Ray, and B.C. with Lulay) have won the Grey Cup with a QB they recruited and developed themselves. That’s five QBs scattered among nine teams over 25 years. This is not an Argo issue, it’s a league issue.

Wow, if that’s true. (And I can’t think of any exceptions off-hand, in that timeframe. Plenty previously, before free agency was a serious thing.)

I guess Burris doesn’t get added to the CAL list because he spent too much time elsewhere?