CFL Free Agent tracker 2019


Full list of all 9 teams free agents here -

Anybody notice a trend here

2015: 136 FAs (Avg 15/team)
2016: 203 FAs (Avg 23/team)
2017: 226 FAs (Avg 25/team)
2018: 219 FAs (Avg 24/team)
2019: 325 FAs (Avg 36/team)

In a little less than 30 days, CFL free agency will be on. Presently, there are 251 potential free agents,i.e. 144 Internationals and 107 Nationals. There are 13 QB’s. The numbers,per team, are:

Saskatchewan: 20 players. 9 Int. and 11 Nat. 2 QB’s.
Ottawa: 21 players. 12 Int. and 9 Nat. 2 QB’s.
Montreal: 23 players. 11 Int. and 12 Nat. No QB.
Winnipeg: 27 players. 14 Int. and 13 Nat. No QB.
Edmonton; 30 players. 17 Int. and 13 Nat. 2 QB’s.
Calgary: 31 players. 19 Int. and 12 Nat. 1 QB.
Hamilton: 31 players. 19 Int. and 12 Nat. 1 QB. While no announcements have been made by Team, the numbers exclude Nat. RB Sean Thomas-Erlington and Int. OL Kelvin Palmer. As per CFL transactions, Sean Erlington was signed/added on December 19,2018 and Kelvin Palmer on January 7,2019.
Toronto: 32 players. 20 Int. and 12 Nat. 2 QB’s.
BC: 36 players. 23 Int. and 13 Nat. 3 QB’s

There will definitely be re-signings in the next 30 days.


Bombers make Adam Bighill the highest paid defensive player in the CFL

Bighill’s three-year contract extension will pay him a signing bonus of $105,000 included in $230,000 of hard money in the first season. There is a massive $750,000-plus in hard money over the length of the agreement.


Bighill, his wife Kristina and their family will make Winnipeg their permanent home. Adam has also been hired as an investment advisor with Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, local founder Charlie Spiring said.

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, local founder Charlie Spiring who’s wife happens to be the vice chair of the Board of Directors for the bombers. Scensing that maybe they sweetened the pot a bit with a 6 figure job for signing before free agencies. Nah the bombers wouldn’t cheat would they!

Great deal for Bighill. Great to see (non qb) players getting paid in this league.

And his other job will set him up nicely for life for both him and his family for the rest of their lives.

The Bombers have always seem to have be unaftaid of paying top dollar for free agent standouts (Bighill and before him Harris). Two players who will be household names in Winnipeg


The Bombers have got themselves a very happy blue chip player who doesn’t want to go anywhere else.

We do hear/read that WR Brandon Banks has re-signed/close to re-signing a two year deal with the Tiger-Cats. If so, he is the first player,amongst top 30 potential free agents, to re-sign with his team. He’s ranked number 7 in top 30.

I say that his salary should range between $210,000 and $225,000.


No love for Bighill?

Two of the biggest prizes of the CFL free agent market are heading west.
Quarterback Mike Reilly hassigned a four-year, $2.9 million contract with the BCLions on Tuesday. The deal is worth $725,000 per season.

Reportedly, the Lions have also agreed to terms with offensive lineman Sukh Chungh.

“This is a historic day for our organization and for fans of the BC Lions,? Lions general managerEd Hervey said in a statement. “Acquiring one of the CFL’s elite quarterbacks is an extremely rare opportunity and we’re thrilled to welcome Mike home to the Lions.?

The Lions will introduce Reilly at a news conference at 4:30pm et/1:30pm pt. on

Absolutely massive, game changer deal for both the Lions and the CFL as a whole. Lost in the shuffle was the Lions ability to land solid O-lineman Sukh Chungh.

But back to Reilly. His $725,000 per year salary absolutely blows away the previous (modern day) record high for a QB in the league.

And the other star QB and reigning MOP is still yet to sign with anyone just yet.Rumours have the Argos taking a hard run at Mitchell and willing to go even higher than the Lions did for Reilly.

At any rate great to see these large figures being thrown around for CFL players. Really raises the bar and gets the respect of media types in the larger markets.

Funny how the teams with no fan base cab afford the most expensive players.

Hamilton has now lost Larry Dean to the Eskimos. That’s a big hit to the defence, but the Cats have done a great job of extending the contracts of most of their best players.

The Eskimos have reportedly reached out to Trevor Harris’ agent following the lose of Mike Reilly.

In addition to Dean, the Eskimos have also added receiver Greg Ellingson and linebacker Jovon Santos Knox to their roster.

Dean, who turned down a $175,000 per year from Hamilton reportedly got $200,000+ from Edmonton. The Eskimos also signed Dean’s teammate in Hamilton LB Don Unamba

Ellingson’s signing may be foreshadowing for a possible move to the Eskimos by Trevor Harris.

Harris to Edmonton a done deal.

1.1 million over 2 years.

Esks and Lions are cleaning up in day 1

After the nightmare of losing Reilly+receivers in december, Eskimo’s fans can breath with Harris/Ellingson/Powell, Santos-Knox and Rogers.

The Eskimos have reportedly made Sir Vincent Rogers the highest paid import O-Lineman in the league. Wonder what the terms were? This signing should set the tone for other O-Lineman signings from here moving forward.

No fan base? Lions averaged very close to 20,000 a game in 2018. Not great but you’re way off the mark to state that there is “no fan base” (to say nothing of the fact your post doesn’t make a lot of sense. Each team has the same SMS budget regardless of how many fans they draw. But Toronto and BC have deep-pocketed owners anyway). Maybe this will encourage the thousands of dormant fans who watch on TV or have a casual interest - or, indeed, lost interest - to come out to games.

I feel for Edmonton fans to lose a star player, but you can’t say it’s not good for the overall health of the league to have healthy franchises in its largest markets.

Wow - the Eskimos are going to look completely different this upcoming year

It stings to lose Reilly, but they’ve suddenly upgraded at receiver, o-line, and linebacker

RWO - 20,000 strong is a very strong base of support, particularly in a traditionally light CFL market (Greater Vancouver and interior BC area)

With Reilly on board, could easily be a jerkchain reaction and the base needle could move to 22,000-23,500 with a tiny bit of creative marketing.

Then walkups - perhaps 2500 to 4500 vs. normal 500 to 1250. Lets see what happens. If Mad Hatter captures the imagination of the West Coast who knows what chaos could be unleashed.

Eskimos have reportedly signed WR DaVaris Daniels away from the archrival Stamps.