CFL Free Agent List?

Does anyone have a list of the CFL free agent players entering this off-season? If you do could you please share it.

Jonathon Jennings just declared free agency

Rick Dhaliwal@DhaliwalSports
Jonathan Jennings has told the #BCLions that he will hit the CFL free agent market. If Lulay retires, Lions looking at a whole new set of qb’s next year.
7:25 PM - Nov 26, 2018

I wonder who might consider Jennings as a potential starter? Maybe Toronto, maybe Saskatchewan? Would he want to go as a FA to sign as a back-up? Interesting possibilities could arise now that others know he wants to test the waters.


Jennings >>> SSK

Collaros >>> TOR (back with Condell)

Reilly >>>>> BC (back with Hervey and his buddy Lulay)

Bo Levi >>>> NFL (Bo Levi Mitchell says he has no idea if he will back with the Stamps next year, but explains why it’s important for him to take a shot at making an NFL roster.)

It is easy, just go down every teams roster and every 3rd player is a FA :slight_smile:

If Milanovich is still Jags OC next year, Bo Levi may get an invite to Jax’s TC, IMO (This was discussed by Tatti and Rod Black on TSN 1150 this aft).

Milanovich knows what Bo Levi can bring, and the Jags have QB issues.

Free agents for all the teams here

So who are the must haves for us coming back, the ?? and the NOTS

BANKS, Brandon, I, WR, Kansas State - Yes
BREAUX, Delvin, I, DB, Louisiana State - Yes
BROOKS, Cariel, I, DB, Adams State - Yes
CHAMBERS, Shamawd, N, WR, Wilfrid Laurier - ?
COOPER, Mariel, I, DB, The Citadel - ?
CRAWFORD, Aaron, N, LS, Saint Mary’s - Yes
DALY, Michael, N, DB, McMaster - Yes
DAVIS, Terrell, N, LB, UBC - Yes
DEAN, Larry, I, LB, Valdosta State - Yes
FAUBERT-LUSSIER Felix, N, WR, Laval - Yes
FILER, Mike, N, OL, Mount Allison - Yes
GREEN, Alex, I, RB, Hawaii - Yes
HAJRULLAHU, Lirim, N, K, Western University -??
HUGHES, Geoff, N, LB, Saskatchewan, Retired
JOHNSON, Josh, I, DB, Purdue - ?
JONES, Mike, N, WR, Southern - Yes
LAWRENCE, Simoni, I, LB, Minnesota - Yes
LEONARD, Richard, I, DB, Florida International - Yes
MATHEWS, Ryker, I, OL, Brigham Young - Yes
MCDANIEL, Marquay, I, WR, Hampton - ??
MONIZ, Bryant, I, QB, Hawaii - ?
NEILL, Jason, I, DL, Texas at San Antonio - Yes
PALMER, Kelvin, I, OL, Baylor - Yes
RICE, Landon, N, OL, Manitoba - Yes
SAUNDERS, Jalen, I, WR, Oklahoma - Yes
SINKFIELD, Terrell, I, WR, Northern Iowa - Yes
STEPHEN, Courtney, N, DB, Northern Illinois - ? depends on $$
THOMAS ERLINGTON, Sean, N, RB, Montreal - Yes
TIMMIS, Mercer, N, RB, Calgary - Yes
TOLIVER, Terrence, I, WR, Louisiana State - ??
TRACY, Adrian, I, DL, William & Mary - ?
UNAMBA, Don, I, DB, Southern Arkansas - Yes
UREN, Matt, N, WR, Western University, Retired
VAUGHN, Justin, N, DL, Fordham - Yes
WHITE, John, I, RB, Utah - Yes
WHITLOCK, Nikita, I, RB, Wake Forest - ?
WILLIAMS, Chris, I, WR, New Mexico State - ?


BANKS, Brandon, I, WR, Kansas State
BREAUX, Delvin, I, DB, Louisiana State

CHAMBERS, Shamawd, N, WR, Wilfrid Laurier
JONES, Mike, N, WR, Southern

CRAWFORD, Aaron, N, LS, Saint Mary’s
DEAN, Larry, I, LB, Valdosta State
FILER, Mike, N, OL, Mount Allison
LAWRENCE, Simoni, I, LB, Minnesota - Would need a very good replacement if NO
MATHEWS, Ryker, I, OL, Brigham Young
SAUNDERS, Jalen, I, WR, Oklahoma

TIMMIS, Mercer, N, RB, Calgary

UNAMBA, Don, I, DB, Southern Arkansas

Breaux and Unamba top my list.

Looking around the league (though a lot can happen between now and February):
Willie Jefferson…
Micah Johnson…
William Powell (or Tyrell Sutton)…
Eric Rogers (or Duke Williams, or Kamar Jorden, or Davaris Daniels, or Marken Michel)…
Taylor Loffler
Maurice Legget
Kwaku Boateng
Junior Turner
Some high-level Canadian Linebackers if we wanted to go Canadian in one spot (and Dean and Simoni are both pending FAs)
Mercer and Thomas Erlington are both pending FAs, probably no big upgrades over them available from other teams
Jones and Faubert-Lussier (and Chambers) are pending FAs, but there are also some interesting Canadian WRs pending from other teams

I don’t feel super qualified to evaluate OL, but it seems like Filer and Mathews are guys we definitely want to bring back. I don’t remember much about Palmer one way or the other.

Of course, big names like Eric Rogers will demand a big cap hit (or get further NFL interest), so it’s perhaps more interesting to look for bargains, but the names above were the ones that jumped out at me.

And while I’d like to see Masoli continue as our starting QB, there are lots of big names set to potentially be in play this off-season:

So just to keep things in perspective here is a list of who we do have signed for next year . If none of our 34 FA’s sign we could be looking at a pretty small and shallow off season roster of who would be left .

Players signed 2019 season: 28 total - 2 qb/17 Cdn/9 Imp


Quarterback (2)

Jeremiah Masoli
Dane Evans

Running Back (0)


Receivers (3)

Bralon Addison (I)
Justin Buren ©
Luke Tasker (I)

O-Line (7)

Brandon Revenberg ©
Darius Ciraco ©
Mathieu Girard ©
Avery Jordan (I)
Kay Okafor ©
Everton Williams ©
Brett Golding ©


Ends (4)

Justin Capicciotti ©
Julien Howsare (I)
Connor McGough ©
Jamaal Westerman ©

Tackles (3)

Ted Laurent ©
Brett Wade ©
Bobby Richardson (I)

Linebackers (4)

Curtis Newton ©
Lucas Wacha (I)
Nick Shortill ©
Jackson Bennett ©

Defensive Back (5)

Jumal Rolle (I)
Jay Langa ©
Frankie Williams (I)
Nicholas Parisotto ©
John Green (I)

Special Teams (0)


I think Shorthill just got injured reading your list bobo
Is Faciane signed on the OLine? He looked good in his start.

safe to say there will be nine teams with mostly new guys

Quite a few free agents this year, there is definitelygoing to be a lot of negotiating.

Toronto Argonauts – 43
Calgary Stampeders – 41
Edmonton Eskimos – 40
BC Lions – 37
Hamilton Tiger-Cats – 37
Ottawa REDBLACKS – 34
Winnipeg Blue Bombers – 33
Montreal Alouettes – 30
Saskatchewan Roughriders – 26

I’ll be shocked if Breaux doesn’t end up back in the NFL.

Record year this year, probably because of expiring CBA

2015: 136 FAs (Avg 15/team)
2016: 203 FAs (Avg 23/team)
2017: 226 FAs (Avg 25/team)
2018: 219 FAs (Avg 24/team)
2019: 325 FAs (Avg 36/team)

Breaux is just awesome, I hope he sticks around.

I rate Delvin so much as a player and person, that I personally hope he gets back into the NFL.

NFL teams might be leary of signing him due to his spine and see him as somewhat of a risk. If he stays healthy he is phenomenal but one akward tackle could potentially land him on long term IR.

These one year contacts are killing this league. Gone are the days of players staying with a team, building long term community ties, etc…but I can’t blame the players. The contracts are one sided. Why would anyone sign a three year deal without a ton of up front signing bonus, when the team can cut you at almost any time without consequences (ie…no seve cost)??

I’m not sure what the answer is…but something needs to change in the new CBA that benefits (protects) both the team and players. The biggest issue for the CFL is the cap (now players and football ops) and the profitability of the teams to be able to survive. We’ve witnessed what happened in the past with outrageous overspending that very nearly wiped out the league in short order.

There needs to be some solution to the free agency system.

I 100% agree , however the CFLPA works for the players , players LOVE them